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Stolen Time

Angela Rae Harris:  Stories of Hope ~ Creating Dreams

The debut novella by Author Angela Harris

Tragedy has made Keaira wise beyond her twenty years. Forced to work for the General, a commanding man who blackmailed his way into her life, she was ordered to study self-defense and master knife throwing. In the hidden community of Shifters, falcons are considered weak, a fact which may ultimately save her life. To escape his cruelty, she will need to call
upon her quick-witted falcon side, but the General has other plans – ones which involve his only son, Carson.

When unexpected feelings form between Keaira and Carson, the General quickly moves his pieces into place, launching his quest to take over the world. If she wants to survive, Keaira must stay one step ahead in the General’s deadly game and discover his weaknesses. Even if it means risking her life and the lives of those she cares about most.

With war on the horizon, sides are being drawn.  Deadly secrets must be exposed. Time is running out for Keaira and all of mankind.

Carson stuffed his hands into his front pockets to keep from touching her.
“Then maybe a movie?” After he said it, he felt his lips slip into a half smile.
Keaira laughed, and her eyes brightened.
“My first night back isn’t going to be spent in an uncomfortable chair, staring at a screen. Not being allowed to move or talk.”
Carson chuckled. She was turning out to be unlike any girl he had met.
“Then let’s hear your ideas.”
Stepping closer, Keaira raised her eyebrows. Her tongue darted out to moisten lips that had turned serious. She had to tilt her chin up to look at him by the time she stopped in front of him.
“I say we go to my favorite sports pub and have dinner. I know for a fact that there is a baseball game on tonight.”
She was so close Carson could smell mint on her breath. He closed his eyes for a minute and was greeted by his other half. His young mountain lion was calmly sitting in the darkness of his subconscious. Carson had inherited his family’s Shifter genes. He could change into the large cat at will. His kitty let out an irritated huff and circled before lying down with his back to Carson. Apparently, the cat wasn’t interested in Keaira. He didn’t raise any alarms, so Carson took that as a “do what you want” kind of message.
Opening his eyes, Carson refrained from leaning into Keaira. He met her gaze and then scanned her face. She stole his breath away when she bit down on her lower lip. Freckles dotted her cheeks and her nose, making her look more innocent than she acted. A striped white mark was visible just under her left eye. It was so white it could have been an old scar. Four lines that looked like a bird track in the white sand that was her pale skin. He felt his fingers ball up into fists in his pockets. The urge to feel how soft her skin must be was overwhelming. 
Author Bio

Angela is an author, a wife, mother of two, and a part-time assistant office manager. She loves nights when her husband cooks. Her two kids keep her hopping and help her tap into her well of creativity and imagination.
At thirteen, Angela read Harry Potter and was reacquainted with books. She reads everything from Steven King to Will Hobbs. She started writing after her youngest was born. The characters started to visit and wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote down their stories.
She'd love for people to get lost in her books.
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My Hero
                  I have been fortunate to have many people support me throughout my life. My parents have always been there for me. My third grade teacher helped me adjust from the big city to a small town. Even now I have a wonderful support group.
                  There is one man that stands out, that was there for me during a tough time – high school. He makes a small cameo in Stolen Time. My history teacher, Mr. Jorgensen, was about more than just the classroom and test scores. He knew students by name and what sport they played or what their favorite subject was. The students fondly call him Jorg.
                  When I was in high school my father had to work three hours away to support his family and he was only home on weekends. I was on the dance team. After state competition, the dance team puts on a spring show. Before the dancing starts, the team dresses in their prom dresses and their father’s walk them to the middle of the floor where academic awards and medals are announced. It was a big deal for me.
                  Spring Show was on a weekday however, and that meant that my dad couldn’t be there to escort me. Jorg was the director of women’s sports at the time and I went to him with my problem. Without hesitation he told me he would be my escort. We jokingly called him my substitute father.
                  Both my junior and my senior year Jorg escorted me to the middle of the basketball court. Both years I was acknowledged for placing in the regional drill down competition and my senior year for my grades. No one was smiling wider than Jorg, as if he was really my proud father. Nothing meant more to me that seeing his face.
                  These days, I haven’t kept in touch with Jorg as much as I’d like. He is still at Carbon High School cheering on those students who mean so much to him. He is always in my thoughts and inspired me more than he knows!  Here’s to you Jorg. Thank you!
                  And thank you for hosting me on my blog tour! To those reading: who is your hero?

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