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Book Review - Just Like Fate

Title: Just Like Fate
Author: Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young
Publisher: Electric Monkey
Release Date: 27 Feb. 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1405268073

Caroline is at a crossroads. Her whole family is on her back, and her grandmother, the only person who really understands her, is sick, maybe dying. All she wants to do is escape. So when her best friend suggests a night out to forget her troubles, Caroline must choose: stay by her grandmother's side, or go to the party and live her life . . . and maybe meet the boy of her dreams.

This decision will split Caroline's fate into two separate paths - and she's about to live them both. But there can only be one happy ending . . .

My Review
This is another book on the list for Children's Book Day at work and it sounded interesting to me, I was actually looking forward to it. The synopsis reminded me a bit of the film 'Sliding Doors' starring Gwyneth Paltrow which I enjoyed so thought this could be good.
Caroline has to make a choice - stay at her grandmothers bedside or go out for a night. It sounds like such a simple choice but as her gran is on her death bed it could be the difference between saying goodbye and missing those final moments. Sometimes our choices change everything. 
I liked Caroline, I immediately felt a connection to her and wanted to see what would happen. I was also very intrigued to see how the two different paths would affect the storyline and how they would meet again at the end (Because of course you know they have to meet again!) 
I liked the style of writing and although I was worried I would be confused about which path I was on but luckily the book makes it very easy for you and I had no problems at all. In fact I read this book in just one day. I found it hard to put down and I believe that did help in keeping track of what was happening. 
I think Caroline is a relateable character for many teens, as this book covers many aspects such as bereavements, friendships, first loves and general teen worries. She is human and has her faults and makes mistakes but she is still likeable and she doesn't give up which I like to see in a character. 
I am glad that I had a chance to read this book and I really did enjoy it. I've read some Cat patrick before and did enjoy it so I'm pleased she didn't disappoint on this occasion. I am intrigued to know if one author wrote the 'Stay' chapters and one wrote the 'Go' or if they shared each between them, but you can't tell it's two different people when reading it - they have combined their skills seamlessly.
Definitely a good read and one I would recommend. 

My Rating

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