Saturday, 23 May 2015

Book Review - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Narrator: David Horovitch
ISBN: 9781407486796  
Enter the magical world of Wonderland, follow the white rabbit and meet the Queen of Hearts, but don't get caught there!
 My Review
I have always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, mostly from watching the Disney film as a child. I read the book a few years ago and found it strange and very different but still enjoyable, just different from what I expected. We are hosting an Alice event at the library next week to celebrate 150 years since it's original publication so I though it would be a good time to re-read it, but being short of time I picked up the audiobook to listen to in my car. The narrator is fun although Alice's voice is a bit squeaky at times but once you get used to it, you get swept up into the world. 
The book is wacky and fun with some very strange ideas but that is all part of it's charm. And I still love the story as much now as I did as a child.
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