Tuesday 1 November 2011

Book Review - House Of Vampires

Title: House Of Vampires
Author: Samantha Rendle
Publisher: SilverWood Books
Release Date: 31 Oct 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1906236397

An exciting new twist on a popular teen theme: vampires! Fourteen year-old Pete wakes up in a mansion with no idea who he is and no memories. He discovers he's one of a rebel group called the Hunters - vampires with a conscience. Pete and his friends are soon mixed up in a dangerous battle between good and evil.

My Review

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Pete is a bit of a nerd, doesn’t have many friends but gets good grades. When out doing some shopping for his parents he gets attacked by a Vampire. When he wakes up he is in a strange mansion.
Pete learns he is now a Vampire, but not just any vampire, he has amazing strength and speed, can walk on walls and run extra fast.  Whilst at the mansion he meets many other vampires and they teach him all about his new life.
But the Vampires have another motive; they are looking for the key holder, the one that will open up a portal to the realm of vampires. Pete must try to stop them before the vampires come through and destroy the world.
On his travels he meets the Hunters and makes some friends and enemies.
This book is an exciting new twist on a popular genre. A whole new world is created and instantly draws you in. Pete is instantly likeable; you feel sorry for him, and then cheer him on. He is so much like your average teen – unsure of who and what he is but trying to do his best, you can’t help but feel for him. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and has to make some tough choices, but this made me like him all the more.
The atmosphere in the book is great; I could feel the creepy vibes from the mansion and the guarded, nervousness of the Hunters. I really felt like I was in the book, travelling with Pete and experiencing it with him.
The pace of the book is great and flows well. It pulls you in and takes you on a journey, which is full of action, romance, twists, turns and mystery. It also looks at things like friendship, honesty, trust, and making the right decisions, Pete knows what he has to do and is not afraid to face up to his decisions. If only there were more people like Pete around (minus the bloodsucking of course).
The host of characters work well together and really bring life to the book. This book also keeps you guessing; many a time I would think I knew what was coming then Bam! Something else would happen and I’d be like ‘whoa!’
 I read this quite quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend it.
I love this book! I hope there will be more from Samantha Rendle.  

My Rating
I would give this book 10/10. Loved it, exciting twist, captivating.


Helen at SilverWood Books said...

Wow, what a great review. Thank you so much, Becky. Good luck with NanoWriMo!


Generic Username said...

Wow, I'm stunned. I wasn't expecting such a good review! Thank you so much, Becky! - Sam Rendle

barmybex said...

Thank you Helen. :D
Sam - you deserve it. Congrats, and thanks. :)