Thursday 8 March 2012

Fantasy World Building

I was sent the link to a short teaser video that I found interesting, and think all you lovers of Fantasy would enjoy too. This video is on world-building and features New York Times bestselling fantasy authors Barbara Hambly, Alan Dean Foster, and Patricia Wrede.
Each author uses world-building to transform invented alien worlds in their novels into worlds that are imaginable to readers. Alan Dean Foster describes his creative approach; “When I write a book I go there . . . my writing is very visual, and that’s because in my mind’s eye, I actually go to the place. I close my eyes and simply describe what I’m seeing.” The approach is different for all writers- check out how these three describe what it means to them.

For additional content (and to see Hambly’s, Foster’s, and Wrede’s worldbuilding for yourself) check out Open Road Media’s Spotlight on Science Fiction and Fantasy collection of excerpts in Scribd, or visit our full collection of fantasy and science fiction titles on Amazon: Science Fiction and Fantasy Favorites
To learn more about each author from the video, check out their profiles and title information here: 
Do  you write fantasy? How do you create your worlds? I know when I write I see the whole universe/world/place in my mind and walk through the streets/forests/parks etc with my characters. Just like Alan said above, I go there. 

I will admit I haven't read anything by any of the authors featured, but I'm definitely going to look through the amazon link at what they've done and maybe add some to my To Be Read pile. :D

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