Wednesday 20 February 2013

Book Promo - Nightmare

Sophia is a Year 12 student. She is bigger than most of the girls at her school, she doesn’t go to parties, doesn’t wear make-up and whenever anyone tries to talk to her she pretty much scares them away with her honesty.
So why is surfboard-obsessed, tanned and popular Tobias Knight showing her so much interest? Or is he? Problem is, Tobias is appearing in Sophia’s dreams – and so is someone else, a strange boy with psychotic eyes and a yearning for Sophia’s heart – literally!
Trapped every night in an eerie dream world, Sophia and Tobias argue, fight and… well, what would you do if you were trapped in a dream with the best looking boy in the school?

Nightmare, written by Amy Wright and published by Antimony Sun, tells an intriguing story of teenage romance set against the backdrop of a sinister dream world. 

It is available from Amazon and priced at £2.05/$3.24  

Nightmare is part romance, part chiller and all fun! Antimony Sun are looking for successful book bloggers to review Nightmare. If you have a book blog, or if you have a track record of informative Amazon reviews, contact Antimony's editorial Manager Jon Creffield at and he can arrange for you to receive a review copy.

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