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Book Review - Witch in Winter

Title: Witch In Winter
Author: Ruth Warburton
Series: Winter Trilogy (book 1)
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Release Date: 5 Jan 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1444904697

Anna Winterson doesn't know she's a witch and would probably mock you for believing in magic, but after moving to the small town of Winter with her father, she learns more than she ever wanted to about power. When Anna meets Seth, she is smitten, but when she enchants him to love her, she unwittingly amplifies a deadly conflict between two witch clans and splits her own heart in two. She wants to love Seth, to let him love her—but if it is her magic that's controlling his passion, then she is as monstrous as the witch clan who are trying to use her amazing powers for their own gain. When love is tangled up in magic, how do you know what's real?

My Review
I requested this ages ago after seeing some good reviews for it, then I heard it was a trilogy so I waited until all 3 books were out. Then they still sat on my shelf for months. I think I've renewed these books about 20 times at the library, I almost gave them back but every time I tried something would stop me. I knew I wanted to read them so I kept putting them back on my to be read shelf. I was scanning my shelves trying to decide what to read next last week and this jumped out at me so I put it in my bag. I was then out all weekend so it stayed there, but I have been ill this week with Bronchitis and had a 40 minute wait at the doctors so I started to read this and I was instantly hooked. When my name was called I didn't want to put it down. I got home from work today (yes I've still been at work) and sat to read for an hour. Well, 2 and a bit hours later I was still sat there and just finishing it, I just couldn't put it down.
Anna and her father move to Winter leaving her friends and the busy London life behind them. The old creepy house isn't what Anna is used to but she's willing to grin and bear it for the fresh start her Dad is trying hard to get. Starting at a new school at her age is always going to be hard and she makes an instant bad impression on the popular girl. And when she finds an old 'magic book', she tries a spell with some of her new friends, not believing in magic she thinks it can't hurt - right? BUt when the spell works - very well, Anna is in trouble, how can she release him from his obsession, and will she ever be able to believe that his love is real and not a spell. Mix in some magic rivalry and old grudges things start to get messy quickly.
I don't know what it was about this book that made me keep reading, Anna is a great character, she doesn't want to give up or let anyone else take the risks for her but I also found her slightly annoying. There were odd little things that annoyed me a bit, such as the massive fight she has with her dad - once it's over it's never mentioned again, but the things they said would have a backlash. Caroline attacks Anna and warns her to stay away from Seth or she'll regret it but then seems to fade into a background character that is hardly mentioned. And lots of secrets and hints about the witches and their community are hinted at but never fully revealed - I don't know, maybe some of these things will be resolved later in the series. The ending/big fight also seemed very sudden and thrown together a bit to climax the story and make an impressive ending, but even so it was done fairly well.
Despite the niggles I did still find myself enjoying the story and wanting to know what would happen next, it's the sort of book you can't put down but you're not sure why. And yes I do have book 2 next to me ready to read, I just have to know what comes next. This book is seriously addictive. 
If you are looking for a exciting, easy read then this book is for you, definitely worth picking up

My Rating

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