Wednesday 27 August 2014

Book Review - Apple & Rain

Title: Apple and Rain
Author: Sarah Crossan 
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
Release Date: 14 Aug 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1408853061

When Apple's mother returns after eleven years away, Apple feels whole again. But just like the stormy Christmas Eve when she left, her mother's homecoming is bittersweet. It's only when Apple meets someone more lost than she is that she begins to see things as they really are.

A story about sad endings.
A story about happy beginnings.
A story to make you realise who is special.

My Review
I love Sarah Crossan, she's one of my favourite authors the Breathe series is totally amazing. So when I heard she had another book out I put a request in straight away.
Apple is thirteen years old and struggling to work out where she fits in, her mum walked out on her when she was very small and her Dad is focused on his new wife so Apple has grown up with her Grandmother. Things were going well, but her grandma is strict when it comes to going out, so she struggles to fit in at school and make friends. 
When her mum walks back into her life it looks like things are going to turn around for her, cool mum, new freedom what could go wrong?
But things are never as good as they seem and soon Apple realises what is really important and who she should be focusing on. 
This is a really sweet story, Apple pulls you in and envelopes you into her world. I found her really easy to connect to and I felt myself wanting the best for her. There were times when she came across older than she should have been, and it made me stop and remind myself how old she really was, but then again teenagers do talk about things that would surprise you.
I loved seeing the relationship between Apple and Rain develop, I did not see that coming, and they have a lot of problems, but they grow and develop together and it was lovely to see. Their dynamics were awkward at times and I couldn't see how they would make it work but it warmed my heart by the end.
This book will move you and make you feel, the characters aren't particularly deep but they pull you in and I felt that connection. 
I read this in about 3 hours, it was an easy read but also had substance to it. Sarah Crossan never fails to surprise me with her easy style but deep connections. I look forward to many more books from her

My Rating

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Jazmen said...

This actually sounds like something I would really enjoy. I have to add this to my TBR. Great review :)