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Book Review: The Interrupted Tale

Title: The Interrupted Tale
Author: Maryrose Wood
Series: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: 1 Jan 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0061791222

Turning sixteen is a bittersweet occasion for Miss Penelope Lumley. Luckily, an invitation to speak at the annual Celebrate Alumnae Knowledge Exposition (or CAKE) at the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females provides just the diversion Penelope needs. Penelope hopes to give her CAKE talk, see some old friends, and show off the Incorrigible children to Miss Mortimer, but instead she finds her beloved school in an uproar. And when Penelope is asked by the Swanburne Academy board of trustees to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students so the board can judge the true worth of a Swanburne education, the future of her alma mater-and of her job as governess to the Incorrigibles-hangs in the balance.

My Review
It has been quite a while since I read the beginning of this series but I've always had a fondness for it, and I remember book 3 raised a lot of questions that I wanted answers to, so I was desperate to get hold of this book and discover the solutions to all the mysteries. 
However I was disappointed, whilst this book still has the same charm as the others did, it feels a little bit like a gap filler, a staller, more mysteries are added in but we still dont get any answers. 
I actually found the first half of this book a little bit slow, I was waiting for something to fall into place and make me shout 'Eureka!' (just like Miss Lumley likes to do) but that moment never came. Once we got back to the school, things did start to get a little more fast paced and I found myself more interested and reading faster because I wanted to know what happened, but yet the answers I yearned for did not appear.
This book isn't bad, quite the contrary, it is still light and sweet and fun and I did overall enjoy reading it, but I just felt it was a little deflated compared to the rest of the series.  Although I do like the development of the 3 children, they are becoming really great little characters, full of their own personalities.
I still think this would be a great series to give to children in a book group or for those who are fans of things like Enid Blyton. And I of course still want to know what happens, I just hope the next book sums it all up and finishes it off nicely. I don't want it to be one of those series that drags on.
So overall, mixed feelings - a sweet little story but it was missing something for me.

My Rating

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