Friday 30 December 2016

Book Review - Library of Souls

Title: Library of Souls
Author: Ransom Riggs
Series: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Book 3)
  • Publisher: Quirk Books
  • Release Date: 22 Sept. 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1594747588

Time is running out for the Peculiar Children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions. They ll travel through a war-torn landscape, meet new allies, and face greater dangers than ever. . . . Will Jacob come into his own as the hero his fellow Peculiars know him to be?

My Review
This book takes off exactly where book 2 finished, *Spoiler Alert for previous book*, Emma and Jacob are in the underground with Addison, his friends all kidnapped by wights and a Hollow on their trail. I was immediately back into the story. However I then had to have a break for a couple of weeks to catch up with coursework so when i did sit down to read it again I had to try and remember what was happening. Thankfully it was an easy step back in and once again i was running alongside our peculiars.
I liked that this book focused more on just Jacob and Emma, whilst i liked all the other Peculiars, there were sometimes too many voices so it was nice to get to know these two better. 
I had struggled a bit with book 2 finding it a bit slow in places but this one picked up the action again and I found myself tearing through the story. in fact i read it in two sittings. I loved the descriptiveness of Devil's Acre and could fully visualize it in my head making for an exciting read. I found Bentham talked a little bit too much which slowed the pace but overall it was a great action packed read.
In the first book the pictures were a focal point to the story but in this third book i found them more as extras that were nice to look at but not overly important to the story and in a way i missed it a bit. But the ones that were there were still creepy enough. 
I liked the idea behind the Library of Souls but must admit i was a little confused with how it worked and how the souls were drained or added, but it wasn't enough to ruin the story.
Overall i though it was a great end to the trilogy and i am sad to say goodbye to the characters. I would recommend the series as a whole and will look for more works by Riggs in the future

My Rating


Rebecca said...

Have you seen the movie yet? I enjoyed the books and then took my kids to see the movie. It was strange since Emma was not the fire girl, but the floating girl. They switched roles. The movie changed a lot, but it was still lots of fun. Not as dark as the books, either.
Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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barmybex said...

Yeah I went to see the film. I thought it was good as an actual film but im not so sure why they changed the peculiar skills round, it didn't make sense to me and I don't know if they will be able to make the rest of the films since doing that, as Emma's fire in the last book especially is a big part of the story.
I enjoyed it though and will be buying the DVD when it comes out.