Wednesday 1 February 2012

Book Launch Party!

I have just returned form London. I always love going to London, it's like a special treat, this time it was even better. I had received an invite to attend a Book Launch Party at Foyles Book Shop on Charing Cross Road.
This was to celebrate the release of 'After the Snow' by S.D Crockett.
So here is my report on the day.

I had to go into work this morning so was there from 9-3. I left just after three when my friend and colleague Joyce came to pick me up. We got to the train station in good time and had to wait 20 minutes for the next train to London. We sat and talked about... Books of course! :D

The train was a fast one and we had arrived in London by 4.25. The station was quite busy and we saw quite a few people in football tops and scarves, but they weren't going the same way as us, luckily. We made our way down to the Underground and walked on the platform right as the train pulled up. We hopped on and travelled to Leicester Square station. The Tube was quite empty and we got to sit and relax.

When we got there we had to figure out which way to go. Charing Cross Road is a very long road and we didn't want to go the wrong way. After a few minutes of map searching and puzzling, we found the right way and decided to find where Foyles Book Shop was. On the way down the road we had a peak in the windows of some of the old bookshops on the way. This really was Book City! So many shops. By 5 o'clock we had found Foyles. There was an awesome display in the window.

My photo doesn't really do it justice but it was already dark when I took it.

Deciding we had an hour to kill we walked back down Charing Cross Road and looked for somewhere to eat. I'm quite fussy when it comes to food, so turned down quite a few options, then Joyce suggested Cafe Rouge. We went in there, it was a lovely place and I had a delicious Chicken Baguette with chips. It was yummy!.

Feeling full we paid and made our way back to Foyles. The Information desk man pointed us to the lifts and told us to head up to the 3rd Floor and the 'Gallery'
My eyes were wide at how big this book shop was and I was itching to look round, but knew that could wait until after the launch, i was excited to get in there and see what this book was all about.

We were greeted in and hung our coats, got given name stickers and a free drink (orange juice). Once there we chatted to various people including the author herself, who was very nice and polite and made us feel very welcome, her agent who was obviously passionate about this book. We also met her editor who was also excited about the book, and had a great discussion with us about books in general and the market of what kids read and like at the moment.
We mingled round the room, looked at the displays and posters:
We received a free copy of the book and a bar of chocolate (yum - thank you).
I caught up with S.D Crockett again and asked her to sign my book and she was very obliging, and signed it 'x Happy Blogging'.
Thank you! I love my signed books.
It was a great night and we met a lot of welcoming people and had some good conversations.
We then left the party and went for a look round Foyles shop. We started on the third floor and made our way round and down each floor. Joyce made a list of books she wanted as we went.
When we got to the first floor my eyes popped, their Teen/YA stock is incredible, there was so much of it. I could happily camp out in there for a month. We spent about 40 minutes looking round the shop. I kept going 'ooh! I want that book.' and "Oh my goodness, that's out already! I have to have it" etc. 
I didn't buy anything in the end as I am on a book budget but I came away with a list of books I wanted too. My wishlist is ever growing.

Altogether it was a great experience and I can't wait to get stuck into the book. I'm going to start it tomorrow hopefully so look out for the review!

The rest isn't about books!!! But please read on for more London adventure. ;D

Knowing we wouldn't catch the next train to get home, Joyce decided it was time I went into a bar. I don't drink alcohol and so had never been in one, but she said it was time to experience a first so we walked down to 'TGI Fridays'. We sat at the bar and I had my first ever cocktail (non alcoholic of course). I had a 'Strawberry Surprise' which I think was 'Strawberry, Apple and Pineapple with soda', It was really nice, very fruity and smooth.

Joyce's sister joined us and they ordered 'bar food' (buffalo wings), Again being a fussy eater I didn't want to have any but they convinced me to at least try something so I picked up a piece. I was staring at this thing like it was going to bite me, not the other way round. They convinced me it wasn't spicy, just chicken so I had a bite. Oh My Gosh! that was spicy, I obviously have  a low tolerance but I started coughing like mad and glugging my drink back. Much to their amusement.
Needless to say I didn't like it, but at least I tried something different.

On our way back to the Tube we passed 'M&M world'. Now I have heard tale of these places but never knew there was one in London. We couldn't resist the shiny, bright shop and so popped in. I wish we could have had longer to look round but we got a very quick tour and I did get some pics.

Me with the M&M Guard 

Look at all the pretty sweets!!! :O

Seriously this place was like four floors at least, there was merchandise, figures, displays and more sweets than you could imagine. If I had a bit longer I would have bought some form those awesome rainbow tubes on the wall but we couldn't stop any longer.

We made our way back to the Train station and managed to get a fast train home.
It was a great evening out - Lots of firsts:
my first Book Launch Party,
my first visit to Foyles
my first bar visit
my first cocktail (non-alcoholic)
my first (and last) buffalo wing

It's now almost 1am and I am knackered. I have to be up in 7 hours to go to work again. So with that, I will love you and leave you. Night all. :D

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