Wednesday 22 February 2012

Meeting Sarah McIntyre! & Maisy Mouse

For the last fortnight we have been working hard at the library for our 'Children's Book Festival', it's been a lot of preparation but my goodness it's worth it!!!

Today we had the lovely Sarah McIntyre, illustrator extraordinaire.

Look what she drew for us:

How awesome is that.
Sarah did two class visits in the library with some 5 year olds, reading from the book 'You Can't Scare A Princess' by Gillian Rogerson (which Sarah of course illustrated)

This book has princesses and Pirates, so there were lots of "Arrrgh's". My goodness I love a good Pirate story.

Sarah was absolutely brilliant, the kids and staff loved her visit. She is also one of the nicest, coolest and funny people I have met. (Thanks for all the advice and help in writing Sarah, I'll let you know how I get on, if you're reading this. :D)

I had to miss one of the sessions to go to a local playgroup to do a Maisy Mouse storytime. We have hired a Maisy costume and are going 'on tour' with it to various groups, today was stop number two.
My colleague read them stories whilst I got dressed in costume and she sang some nursery rhymes, then I walked in:

(this picture is actually from yesterday in the library, but I wanted to show the full costume.)

I shook hands, waved, danced and wiggled my tail then got changed into normal human being and came back out to help the kids make their own mouse ears. 
Was fun, but my goodness that costume gets hot! :D
Strangely though I find it fun, got two more events tomorrow.

I got back to the library in time for a photo, unfortunately Sarah was taking the picture so I didn't get one of her, but look how happy all us Library people are!

That's it folks. My I love my job!!! 
If you haven't read/seen one of the books Sarah has illustrated, she also wrote 'Vern & Lettuce, then be sure to check them out. You're never too old!

Here is a link to her blog:
and Twitter:

Stop by and say hi! :D


Sarah McIntyre said...

Yay! Lovely to meet you, Becky. And good luck with the writing!

barmybex said...

You too, and thanks!!! :D