Monday 22 September 2014

Book Promos - Heather Leigh

Red Nectar Synopisis:
Emily has powers that can get her tortured or even executed. The world she lives in is controlled by an overly polite government that demands its citizens to obey orders in exchange for protection from war and violence. Emily's mother has just died from a suspicious car accident, and she is thrust into an adventure of rescuing her grandmother with friends she does not remember meeting. As she finds her way, she discovers Andrew, the boy with eyes the color of the ocean. In the middle of their mission, they find romance and mutual attraction. Will Emily, Andrew and her friends save her grandmother? Or will they all be captured and executed as their families were before them. Find out in 'Red Nectar', a young adult novel of telepathy, danger, and romance.

Black Licorice Synopsis:This is a book for readers from ten years and up who are interested in adventure, paranormal activity, romance, and figuring out which Grimm fairy tale it is based upon. Use of telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control is presented through out the book. It can be read by itself, or as the second in a trilogy based around Emily and her friends in 'Red Nectar'. After the funeral of her mother, Emily discovers that the father she had been told was dead had actually been hidden away by the NOW regime for many years. With the help of Andrew and her friends from the NET resistance team, it is time to rescue him. The journey to find her father is interrupted by thoughtlessness, lack of direction, and an old witch. An unlikely source finally leads Emily to the NOW headquarters and the one who was dead to her for a childhood. Will her father recognize her? How will they escape? What other dangers will Emily, Andrew and friends be faced with? Find out in this book of loyalty to friends, family and love.
What Piper Peppertree Found Synopsis:
Perfect for 7-to-9 year-old animal lovers, this book features a tiny girl living with her tiny family in a pepper tree. It is the beginning of a series about the adventures of Piper, a girl whose bravery and caring nature far exceeds her size. A middle-grade chapter book, it is designed for good readers, or as a read out loud book to be shared by a parent or teacher. Get ready to read about life as a very little person in a very big tree!

Scout & Eliie Synopsis:Scout has an elephant living in his back yard named Ellie. She stands and walks and acts like a human, but has an elephant sized personality! Ellie is so much fun to be around, that trouble seems to follow her where ever she goes. Scout has a birthday coming up. His family is a circus. Every year, his circus family performs for his birthday party. This year, he wants his own party, one that is not a part of his family's circus. He does not know how to do this. Ellie is great at putting together a party. Scout asks Ellie for help with his birthday party. She says yes. What will happen at Scout's birthday party with Ellie leading it? How crazy will it get? Find out by reading 'Scout and Ellie' just how wild a birthday party thrown by an elephant can become.
Author Bio:
While working on my master's thesis in environmental economics, I found that I was more interested in writing a fictional story about a dragonfly than researching the sewage lagoon where the dragonfly would be living. My author dream manifested into reality with the publication of first book 'Hey Little Baby' through Simon and Schuster. The idea for that book came from watching my then five-month-old son discovering that the movement of his feet was his own doing. He was wearing booties with bells attached. Each time he shook his feet, a jingle sound came out. I could see his little fat face open to the realization that he was the one causing the sound, not some remote source with no explanation. The original text to the story poured into my head and I rushed for paper and pen.

After that, ideas and stories kept coming; from the published baby book to a young adult novel about telepathy in a dangerously polite world, 'Red Nectar'. It contains adventure, romance, and danger with fifteen-year-old Emily and her new love interest, Andrew, the boy with eyes the color of ocean waves. Recently I published my first non-fiction eBook, 'Are You An Intelligent Massage Therapist? Then You Need To Be Working At A Luxury Day Spa". This book provided me the opportunity to re-live the ten years spent in this enjoyable field and be able to assist other therapists in getting into this tight market. 'Scout and Ellie' is the culmination of too many versions and formats to remember. It started as a book about Scout and his many birthday adventures and has finally been pinned down into a middle grade chapter book about a boy and the elephant who lives in the back yard. She is wild and fun with a big personality, and Scout tries to keep up with her antics. I love the many genres that writing has to choose from.

During the school day hours, I walk our spoiled Australian Shepherd and then get to work on forming words into stories. Our cats let me know when it is break time by walking in front of the computer monitor and meowing loudly for attention. Afternoons are for hanging out with my two sons, cooking and all that household stuff. As we live near the beach in sunny San Diego, weekends are for surf (the boys--not me) and outdoor activities. Sounds like a wonderful life to me.

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