Monday 17 August 2015

Book Promo - The Magik Collector

The Magik Collector - The Magik Series (Book One):

Book Info:
The magical Realm of Lameere, once prosperous and just, has fallen under the evil rule of Queen Ayanna. Now it is a land filled with depression and poverty.... a place where magic is being stolen and freedoms have been unknowingly taken. Out of this totalitarian nightmare comes the story of Faye and Declan Willows, siblings who discover that life as they know it is a lie and in the blink of an eye their world is changed forever. When the siblings learn that they are Magiks, a race of supernatural beings who have incredible powers, they are pulled down two very different paths. Seventeen year old Faye, a quiet but seemingly ordinary high school girl, finds herself orphaned and sent to Pembleton Sanitarium in the Realm of Lameere. A prisoner in this new world, she is told that her incredible powers are the very thing that could kill her. But when she discovers one of the government's biggest secrets, Faye decides to act on her own terms and forms a meaningful alliance. Declan, Faye's older brother, joins the Resistance, a group determined to destroy Ayanna. Charged with the task of working undercover and posing as one of Ayanna's Council members, Declan will try to bring down the Queen's corrupt government. But when he learns that his sister has been taken to Pembleton, he is willing to do anything to protect her. Will Faye's powers ultimately lead to her death? Will Declan succeed or will Ayanna learn of his treachery and condemn him to an unimaginable punishment? The siblings have entered into a dangerous world where the government controls everything and defiance means death. The Magik Collector takes readers on a wild ride that they will not want to end.

Author Info:
Colleen is a young adult author who lives with her husband and three children in New York.  She has always loved to create stories and has a particular fascination with folklore and mythology.  The Magik Collector is her debut novel.

Excerpt from the Magik Collector

I never asked to be a Magik...but here I am lying on the cold floor of my prison cell, surrounded by darkness.  The smell of rotting corpses from those who did not survive the Cure permeates my nose.  Every day for three months I have been dragged into the procedure room...everyday I have had to endure the hellish Cure...and everyday they have been unsuccessful.

My body is weak from malnutrition, and my mind is disoriented from sleep deprivation...but no matter how hard the Parliament of the Amarati have tried, my spirit is still strong.

I remember a few nights before I came to the Realm of Lameere, when I was blissfully ignorant to magic.

I knew nothing of Lameere and its seven provinces.  I was not a supernatural being, a Magik, as they call me here.  Nor was I aware of elemental powers known as Talents. I was just a semi-ordinary teenage girl in her senior year of high school.

I recall fighting against heavy eyes a little before midnight, as I tried to focus on my history textbook.  I had a test in the morning, and like always, I procrastinated till the very end.  But what I remember most from that night, is my dream.  One filled with death, that turned my life upside down and landed me prison.