Review Policy

Every book i read, i will then 'review'. These 'reviews' will reflect my honest opinion, i will try to remain positive as i don't like criticizing other people, but if i don't like a book i will say so. My reviews mostly consist of my thoughts and feelings about the novel read, as a result, my reviews are very subjective, instead of a critical analysis.

Genres I Read I mainly read YA books but will also read Children's Ficiton and some Adult books. My main focus is Fantasy fiction but I also enjoy Chick-Lit with hints of light romance (nothing rude). I enjoy mystery stories such as Sherlock Holmes, but won't read any gruesome ones.

Books I Avoid As I am a bit of a wimp I will not read any horrors or crime thrillers that are gory. I cannot handle death/dismemberment etc. I have a very vivid imagination so Horror stories are out as I end up seeing murderers/ghosts/monsters at every turn. I'm not a fan of historical (only exception victorian era and King Arthur sort of time, but even then I hesitate)

Books I Review Any book I read, I will then review. I have a pile of books waiting to be read and am always adding to it. However if anyone has any suggestions, I will gratefully accept. I am quite a fast reader and so may post multiple reviews in a week, but I do have my down time from books too. so don't worry if there are gaps, i haven't forgotten you, i am just resting my eyes. :D

Publishers or authors if you would be willing to let me review your books you can contact me at:
I am an avid reader, and like to keep up with new releases and old favourites.
I would also love to do author interviews and update my blog about any contests being held!
If you are an author and would like to do an interview or guest post on my blog just contact me on the email address above. 

I am more than slightly behind with review books at the moment, so am not currently accepting any books to review, but if you would like to do a Guest Post, please email me. I will update when I have caught up. Thanks

Hoping to spread wonderful books to the masses. Thanks for reading xx