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Guest Post & Character Interview: Charlotte Blackwell

The Embrace Series by Charlotte Blackwell

The story of a girl, her family and the friends she makes along the way. Sophia Pierce not only discovers herself, but the meaning of life, love, family and friendship.

Learning to live life throughout eternity can be difficult, especially as a teenager. With the help of those she trusts can Sophia find happiness, love and learn to accept not only herself, but those around her.  With her best friend Ebony a powerful witch and Nathanial a mortal by her side they must learn to make allies with shapeshifters and other supernaturals. Then they must deal with evil vampires, not to mention all the other trials teenagers go through.  

Join the Embrace Series and follow the Pierce family as they grow and see what happens when... Mackic Meets Eternity. 

Published by World Castle Publishing

I have something very exciting to show you today. I was lucky enough to meet the awesome Sophia Pierce, heroin, vampire and all out cool girl. See our interview below:

I can't believe I am sitting here with the Sophia Pierce, Welcome Sophia.  
Thank you for having me Becky.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. How are things going?
My pleasure, things are crazy as always, but going well. 
I understand you've been a vampire for many years. How many is it now?  
I was Embraced in 1894, so I guess that's 118 years now. 
Wow, that's a long time, does it feel like that long, or does time still fly by for you?   
Wow I guess that is a really long time, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. I guess that kinda dates me. (Laughs) I guess when you've been around as long as me it all just seems to fly by.
So after all that time, do you still remember your previous life? Can you tell us anything about your life back then?  
I do remember my mortal life. Alex, my twin and I came from a higher class family and lived a glorious life. That is until our family money began to run out. To restore our financial means I was to marry a Duke. He was god awful, and so old. I guess now I'm the old one. 

I bet it seems like a lifetime away now.
What was the hardest thing about the change for you? For me it would be the blood, I can't handle blood. 
It's different when you're Embraced. you don't really get grossed out by blood, it's just like a hot cup of coffee or what ever you love the smell of. For me the hardest part is being accepted. I just have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to be friends with me. It's as if I'm not worthy. The problem with being eternally 17 is you hold on to many of the emotions and such for that age. I don't grow up so to speak as others do. So remember to when you were a teenager and how everything felt like it could end the world. Well I struggle with that all the time.

You seem to take everything really well and your always calm and collected, or at least that's how you come over, how do you keep it up? Especially when being chased by Rogue Vampires, Werewolves, demons and whatever else there is out there! I have learned to hide my emotions fairly well. I don't like to freak ut over everything, so I take life in stride. That is the only way to get over the emotional reactions of being stuck as a teenager. If I gave into everything, my family would be outed. As for fighting all the evil beings, well that just seems to be part of my life now, at least if I want to keep those I love safe.
You are certainly a brave woman, What's the scariest situation you've been in? When I was attacked by the vampire back in Italy and Alex came to my rescue. I was terrified that he would get hurt as well. Then even though I was barely hanging on I could sense what was happening to him and it devastated me. 
I would have been running for the hills let me tell you.  
I was in my mind, believe me.

Now, all this talk of monsters is creeping me out, let's get onto the good stuff.
You have a fantastic man - Nate, and I understand you are now firmly together, can you remind the people how you met?  
Well if you were to ask him, he would tell you I ran him down in the halls at school. When I think he may have jumped in front of me. Then when I heard him and saw him, I was lost, I didn't know what to do.
So sweet, so was it love at first sight?
Now that I can admit it, YES love at first sight.
I wish I could find someone like Nate, he always seems so caring, whats the nicest thing he's ever done for you?
He is amazing, but I think how accepting he has been is the sweetess thing. He gave me confidence and I am who I am because of him. Although he is pretty romantic too and his Christmas gift to me the first year we were together was pretty everything he does is amazing. (blushes)
Bless! Do you ever fight though? Most couples do. Any stories to share?
I wouldn't say we fight, we bicker...who doesn't. I don't know if there is anything share worthy. Our biggest fight has been about his mortality.

Well good or bad, you two seem like the perfect couple.
I sure think so. I`m so lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life.

Now, let's talk about Family. How many are in your family now?  
Hmmmm, that's tough, because I think we have extended family now. Actual Piece family members I think there's 12 including Nik, 13 if you count Elyn. Then there's all the people we consider family and wow, I think it's just hard to really set a number on how many, don't you?
Wow! That's a big number, but you all seem to get along so well. What's it like living with so many people?
 Well for the most part we all get a long great. I have had some issues with a certain little sister, but who doesn't. Then of course my brother who can't say out of anyone's head and mind his own business. We all have our quirks, but I love them all.
Who is easiest to get on with in the house? Who is the hardest?  
Florence is by far the easiest, who doesn't love her. She does so much for all of us. As for the hardest, Danika, but she is young, new and well things are improving.
I understand you all have powers, which ones do you have? and which power would you most like to have?  
I can heal others. I think I would love to be like Elijah and absorb others powers. Then I could do so much more, but I guess that sounds a little greedy.
Cool! I've always wanted to fly personally, healing powers would also be quite useful I think. It does come in handy every now and then.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your adoring fans? Any juicy news, plans for the future? Secrets to share?  
Well if I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore, but I think so more excitement is coming our way. Then of course there is also some pretty amazing new love stories in the making in our house. I just wonder if anyone else will be coming back from the dead?

Well, thank you very much Sophia, it's been great talking to you!  
Thanks so much, it's been fun I hope we can do it again. Maybe you can join us for one of Mati's crazy New Year's parties.

I would love to join you for a party, I'll look out for your invite!

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Author Bio:
Charlotte Blackwell is the talented new Canadian author of the Embrace Series. She is someone to keep an eye on for years to come, with her unique voice and way of connecting with the readers, Charlotte is bound to be a house hold name for years to come. During her younger years Charlotte was friendly and outgoing, but never really voice her opinions and felt more comfortable falling behind the shadows of those around her. Something she hope to help others avoid. She began writing as a way to express her feelings, without having to confront those around her. As Charlotte grew and had a family of her own, she learned the importance of standing up for what you believe in and always staying true to one’s self. Then one day the writing took over. Charlotte soon realized through writing she could combined her love for the paranormal and her children. Using writing as an outlet to reach out to those she cares most about, her children. Knowing the difficulties teens face, she wanted to use her stories to help her daughters understand they are not alone and now hopes to help others receive the message as well. Through doing this Charlotte discovered herself and with her husband and three children couldn’t have written a happier end for her family.

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