Sunday 5 September 2010

Author Signing Derek Landy!

I first heard that Derek Landy would be visiting Waterstones in Milton Keynes on September 5th at 11am to sign his new book 'Mortal Coil' about a month ago, and I screamed and jumped about like a lunatic. My best friend and I are huge Skulduggery Pleasant fans and marked the date on our calendars. For the last week I have been counting down the days.
Finally I woke up this morning with a huge smile and got ready for the day ahead. We had planned to get there for about 10.20 to start queuing, but because of traffic and other factors we didn't arrive until about 10.40 by which time the queue was right across the front of the shop, round the side and going round the back. We left my friends mum in the queue whist we went inside to buy a copy of the book. From the cash desk we could see Derek coming in and start to sign. Excited and armed with our books, we went to find our place in the queue.
We ended up towards the back of the side and guessed we were in for about an hour wait. The queue moved fairly quick to start with, but after about 20 minutes it slowed down and we hardly moved.
We were then in the queue for another hour, my friends mum decided she would leave us to it and go look round the shops, by this time we were across the front of the shop and thinking the end was close. We had both started reading the books, chatted about other books we had read, and settled for a snack from Millies Cookies (essential queuing food!!!) and talked about what we would say to Derek.

After another hour we were about four people away from the front of the queue, we could hear Derek talking and if we peered over peoples heads we could get a glimpse of him. 
Suddenly the last two and a half hours was totally worth it, we were about to meet the Legend himself. 
At last we were at the front and talking to Derek Landy, who turned out to be one of the nicest people in the world, just as funny in person as he is on paper, and an awesome person.  He signed our books and let us take photos! 

He truly is a fantastic person and it was an honour to meet him.
The only disappointment was I had drawn a picture for him, but then forgot to take it with me, so I told him I was a follower on his blog and would post a picture online. It won't let me put the picture on his comments, so i am posting it here, and putting a link on his page.

Derek if you do read this:  Thank you for an awesome day and for being so nice. Can't wait to read your new book. When I have there will be a review on here too, so feel free to have a look.

This is my fan pic of Skulduggery himself, it didn't come out quite how I planned, but am quite pleased with it. :D
Sorry I forgot it.

For anyone that hasn't ever read Skulduggery Pleasant - what on earth have you been doing with your life, go find a copy of the books now, go to a quiet room, lock yourselves in and don't come out until you have finished them!!! You'll thank me later! :D

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