Saturday 10 December 2011

Book Review - Tallen

Title: Tallen
Author: M L Sawyer
Series: Quest of the Demon - Aftermath (book 1)
Publisher: Equilibrium Books (Aust.)
Release Date: 26 Nov 2011

Growing up not far from the road to Chinta on the edge of the Jungle Dragon, Tallen is excited to have her two brothers home. Recent times have been hard, Tallen herself barely surviving an attack by a derelict stranger in their very own barn.
The war that never was has relieved them of their duty at Chinta, so much so, that her father, the Sergeant of the Guard, is able to return for a visit, bringing news of a possible suitor for Tallen, given that she is almost of that age.
Tallen is not sure what she wants, and the man her father brings home is not what anyone expected. But at least she knows that her family has her best interests at heart when the pompous, self-interested merchant's son is sent back to Chinta.
The aftermath of the Offworlder's quest remains uncertain, the battle apparently lost. But for a reluctant Tallen, the journey is only just beginning, upon a path from which there may be no return.

My Review
Earlier in the year I read 'Quest of the Demon' by ML Sawyer, It was OK but didn't blow me away. I was contacted again by the author with this book. Tallen is in the first book but only briefly. When I met her as a character in the first book I wanted to know more and was disappointed she didn't feature again, so I accepted this book to read with enthusiasm.
I wasn't sure what I would think but was instantly blown away. For me, Tallen is the character that you should focus on, she grabbed me in a way Darci couldn't and I felt myself connect with her. This book takes you right into the world and the action starts straight away. I was literally sitting there in my lunch break at work reading like mad, trying to get as far as I could before I had to go back out, I wanted to know more. 
There is quite a lot of violence in this book, but saying that it wasn't overdone. I enjoyed this book and admired Tallen's strength and determination. I love her puppy Wanderer - I could just give him a great big hug. You also meet a Mercenary named John and I really liked him, I loved how he was there for Tallen, and willing to help her.
I was surprised with the route Tallen chose later in the book, her desire for revenge overtakes her, but it did offer an exciting read, wondering if she would go through with it or not. 
I enjoyed this book so much more than the first. I couldn't put it down. Incredible. I want more from Tallen. :D

My Rating

I would give this book 8.5/10. Fast paced and exciting.

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roro said...

ooh coolbut not4 me .i think

Lan said...

I was approached by the author to review this book as well and I'm glad that it's one you enjoyed. It sounds like a really interesting book and even better it's written by a fellow Aussie!

barmybex said...

Roro - thanks for stopping by, not every book suits everyone and that's fine. :D

Lan - it was good - i was pleasantly surprised.
There seems to be a lot more Aussie published books this year, it's nice to see. I would love to go to Australia one day, when I can save up enough to get there.