Monday 19 November 2012

Book Promotion & Review - Dandelions

About Dandelions
Tessa Morgan yearned to be an average teenage girl. She had a protective mother who loved her, a stepdad who annoyed her and two spirited younger brothers who entertained her yet were a bit of trouble. She didn’t have friends, a social life or a boyfriend, but during the summer of her 16th birthday all of that changed. Luke Decker had lived in Kilkenny his whole life. He’d experienced great loss, had no family except for his best friend and his grandmother who had taken him in as her own.  He had an overwhelming responsibility no teenager should ever carry. Luke was no ordinary teen, and when he met Tessa, he knew she wasn’t either.

Packed with emotion, adventure and humor, you’ll truly enjoy discovering  the characters along with the twists and turns in Dandelions.  As Tessa uncovers a family secret, knowing the truth can have dire consequences and someone’s entire world will shift.
She wanted friends. She wanted adventure. She wanted excitement. What she discovered was a family secret that changed her destiny and threatened her life.

    About the Author              

Successful businesswoman, advisor and investor turned multi-genre author, Darby Rae brings her youthful imaginative daydreams to life through her books.  Overflowing with action and suspense and even a taste of witty banter, she draws from her experience as a mother, traveler and entrepreneur. 

Originally from Salem, Massachusetts and a business graduate of Ball State University, Rae currently lives in Indiana surrounded by her family, her four children, a dog, a cat and a litany of reptiles. 

Funny, witty and infectious, Darby Rae will capture your heart.

Dandelions: A Novel by Darby Rae
Solid Spirit Publishers * On Sale Now *$.99 eBook
332 pages * ISBN: 978-0-0931-3103-8
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My Review
I was asked to be a part of this book tour and i liked the sound of it so agreed, I also LOVE the book cover, it's gorgeous. And I was really intrigued by it. 
When I started this book it read a little bit like your typical YA novel, lots of angst and stroppy teenage behaviour. Then of course the 'hot' young man turns up and throws a spanner in the works.
I knew all of this would be building up to something, I just wondered what exactly that would be. I enjoyed getting to know the characters but for me it did go on a bit too long, I started hoping it would just get to the exciting part, explain all the mysteries and let us move on. 
The characters are well described and have a great relationship with each other, The awkwardness with her step dad could really be felt and I loved her little brothers, so cheeky, so cute. And Luke was a character I wanted to know more about, but I did find it all a bit slow. 
Then just past halfway everything picks up. It's like you are running a marathon with this book, the first half is slow and steady ambling along, then you see that marker saying your almost there and you sprint to the finish. I was really getting into the story when it ended, now I am desperately wanting the next book to see what will happen. I suppose that was done deliberately so you would be hooked and come back, but I found it quite frustrating. I really want to know what that ending leads to!!!
Although I say this book was quite slow to start with, it's only 320 pages anyway so even so it didn't take long to read. It's also the sort of book you can dip in and out of. As I am doing NaNoWriMo this month I haven't had much time to read so having to dip in when I can and this book allowed me to do that. 
This book is well worth checking out, as once you get past the set up the ending is explosive and you'll be flipping through the pages or flicking the screen of your e-reader desperate for the next page.

My Rating

I debated whether to give this Average or 'Really Enjoyed It' but when it came down to it I had to go with my instincts. But it was close     

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