Saturday 5 October 2013

Book Review - Midnight Pirates

Title: Midnight Pirates
Author: Ally Kennen
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books
Release Date: 7 Jan 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1407129884

Three children, whose parents have gone to America, try to run a secluded West Country beach hotel on their own. The chaos mounts as they pretend there are adults in charge. A sinister guest brings danger. A ship is grounded off the beach, and crates of washed-up cargo are there for the taking. But the wreck was no accident... 

My Review
This is another book off the list for Book Day at work, one of the dozen books I have to read. I picked this up next because it looked quite short and because i had read books by Ally Kennen before and vaguely remembered that I had enjoyed them, so I was quite hopeful about this one.
The book started off well, I was intrigued and wanted to know more, it was a fairly unusual start that made me want to know more, but by the third chapter it became quite slow in my opinion, the characters and situation are built up so you get to know them.
From the blurb of the book I expected this fun, easy book but you are about 130 pages in before the events in the synopsis even start happening, the rest before that is jsut the build up and I found myself hoping the book would get to the point. 
For just over 200 pages I should have been able to read this in a couple of hours, as it was I carried it around with me for 5 days, reading odd bits now and then, but I just wasn't hooked enough to want to sit and read it, I kept finding something else to do.
Once the story got going the second half of the book wasn't bad and I liked the big mystery at the end. It got more exciting as it went on. But I wouldn't want to read anymore from these characters. To be honest the big brothers 'beach talk' really started to irritate me, I just wanted him to speak in normal sentences. But I suppose it was trying to fit in with the feel of the book.
I think children will probably like it, It's got enough mystery and the whole - kids being alone and causing trouble vibe to keep them reading, but for me I wasn't blown away.

My Rating

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