Wednesday 29 January 2014

Book Review - Fall of Night

Title: Fall of Night
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: The Morganville Vampires (book 14) 
Publisher: Allison & Busby
Release Date: 2 May 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0749012663

Claire never thought she’d leave Morganville, but when she gets accepted into the graduate program at MIT, she can’t pass up the opportunity. Saying good-bye to her friends is bittersweet, especially since things are still raw and unsettled between Claire and her boyfriend, Shane.

Her new life at MIT is scary and exciting, but Morganville is never really far from Claire’s mind. Enrolled in a special advanced study program with Professor Irene Anderson, a former Morganville native, Claire is able to work on her machine, which is designed to cancel the mental abilities of vampires.

But when she begins testing her machine on live subjects, things quickly spiral out of control, and Claire starts to wonder whether leaving Morganville was the last mistake she’ll ever make...

My Review
I'm so close to the end and I am excited, nervous, happy and sad all at once. I just can't believe it's all going to end. 
So book 14 is finished and I just don't know what to feel, that was one heck of a book. Just woah!!! OK, I have to catch my breath.

Right here goes, I was a bit nervous about this book, we have entured outside Morganville before - once and it was a great story, but this time it was just Claire and it felt kind of final, at least before it was the group and we knew they would go back. So I didn't know what to expect and if I would like Claire outside of Morganville. Turns out I shouldn't have worried, and I should know to trust Caine by now because this book was totally awesome, in fact I think it's one of my favourites in the series. Yeah I missed the whole feeling and setting of Morganville but this created so many new and awesome opportunities and some great new characters too. I really liked Jesse and Pete they were like Eve and Michael in attitude but again not a substitute for the real things but still kick butt.
It was interesting to see how Claire reacted in a new place - she got used to being rather important in Morganville but now she's just one of many in a big place and I liked to see her vulnerable side back - it was slightly reminiscent of the Claire from the early books, but you could still see how much she had grown and developed. 
Shane is just amazing, a total douche at times but totally well meaning and he really has grown through the series and it's great to see so many different sides to him. 
I really liked how Caine mixed the two worlds together and brought the whole storyline round, I didn't guess at any of what she planned and it was very exciting to read. Seeing everything come together and in such an explosive way.
I seriously can't even form a sensible review here I'm just blown away. If you haven't read this series yet I highly recommend it, you seriously have to do it. Grab book 1 (because this has to be done in order!) and get reading.

My Rating

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