Thursday 9 April 2015

Guest Post - J.A Buckle

I am please to welcome the author of 'Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets' and 'My Smoky Bacon Crisp Obsession' to my blog today.
J.A. Buckle has written an awesome Guest Post giving you an insight into some of her characters. As a fan of the books I found this to be very interesting and I must agree, we do all seem to have a quirk of our own.

My Smoky Bacon Crisp Obsession’s cast of characters
Andrea Reece from Books for Keeps recently described the people in My Smoky Bacon Crisp Obsession as a wonderful cast of slightly eccentric but recognisable characters This got me thinking that we are probably all a bit eccentric in our own way (I know I am!). But then again, that’s what makes life interesting J
Below I’ve listed the main characters in the book, some of their traits and what I think makes them all that bit different.
Pros: Sarcastic and funny. Good friend, brother and son. Deep down he’s a hopeless softie.
Cons: Occasionally tactless. Tendency to get obsessed with things. Can be a bit of a jerk.
Actor to play him in up coming film* My daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Failing that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) from Game of Thrones would probably be just about acceptable ;-)
Pros: Doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Knows how to have fun and loves clubbing – thankfully not clubbing baby seals or that would be in the cons!
Cons: Tends to objectify males. Can be a bit naggy.  Leaves her stilettos in dangerous places.
Actress:  Anyone from TOWIE
Pros: Really, really nice
Cons: Lacking in self-esteem. Zero fashion sense (wears padded, bright orange cagoule). Bit bumbling. Too nice?
Actor: A young Boris Johnson!
Pros: Sensitive, ambitious, confident, strong sense of style.
Cons: Infuriatingly optimistic about life.
Actor: My best friend’s son – he’d be great at it.
Pros: Always up for a laugh. More laid back than a collapsed deck chair.
Cons: Can be extremely tactless (downright rude). Highly intelligent but occasionally really, really stupid. Complete dosser.
Actor: Jack O’Connell (Skins), or anyone known for playing a cheeky bad boy with a good heart!
Pros: Musically gifted. Smart. Friendly. Very religious.
Cons: Bad taste in girlfriends. Very religious.
Actor: Jaden Smith
Pros: Kind. Conscientious. Thoughtful.
Cons: Inwardly confused.
Actress: Ramona Marquez from Outnumbered. Not sure why, just think she’d be good. Also, happen to know she likes hamsters and guinea pigs so an instant connection with Becky there.
Pros: Aging glam rocker and all round helpful, nice guy.
Cons: Owns an extremely aggressive Yorkie.
Actor:  NOT Jeremy Clarkson. Maybe Richard Hammond, as he is quite nice/cute.
Pros: Umm...
Cons: Too many to list but the main one is probably that he can be extremely nasty and mean .
Actor: Anyone known for playing really mean, nasty people.
Pros: Friendly, furry, fun. Excellent taste in music (metal)
Cons: Tendency to wee on important items like Biology projects and Children of Bodom CDs. Issues with body odour. Tendency to press claws sharply into things (Josh’s shoulders) and  to sleep in inappropriate places, (Josh’s face).
Actor: Himself. If Ozzy was not available due to other engagements we could use the Otter from Tarka the Otter with a little bit of face makeup
*There isn’t an up and coming film but I am ever hopeful!

About the Author 
Jackie Buckle has been writing for years, since reading The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler, the book she says, that made her want to write. Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets was discovered in the slush pile by a Curious Fox editor who immediately recognised its irresistible mix of humour, music and the digital world, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jackie writes around her day job, as the website manager for a leading drug charity, and her voluntary work as a befriender for an eating disorders charity. She is passionate about animals, playing the acoustic guitar and walking her Finnish lapphund. She has two teenage daughters and lives in Reigate, Surrey.

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