Sunday 15 August 2010

Book Review - Avalon HIgh

Avalon High, Ellie's new school, is pretty much what she'd expected. There's Lance, the hunky footballer. Jennifer, the cute cheerleader. Marco, the troublemaker. And then there's Will - the most gorgeous guy Ellie's ever met. She can hardly believe he likes HER.

When Will says he thinks he's met Ellie before, things start getting a little weird. A feeling that grows as Ellie discovers the strange bonds that entwine Will, Lance, Jen, Marco - and herself.

As darkness turns to danger, can Ellie stop the horrific chain of events that is about to engulf them all . . . 

My Review
I am working my way through Meg Cabot's books and so far i really enjoy them, so i picked this one up willingly. It is quite different from her other books though, but even so I must say I did enjoy it. The story is slightly unbelievable but holds a sense of magic that seems to draw you into the story.
Ellie moves to Avalon High as her parents are on a sabbatical, they are both professors of medieval history. When Ellie meets Will the cutest guy in school, he thinks they have met before this sets of a strange series of Events. This story is based on Arthurian legend, on the idea that King Arthur never truly died but comes back as a reincarnation when needed. Ellie doesn't really believe it, but the similarities are there. Will's best friend is named Lance (Lancelot in history) his girlfriend who ends up on cheating on him with Lance is called Jennifer which is English for Guinevere, and then there is the strange family situation including his half brother with a grudge to bear, and what does Will's first initial stand for, why does he go by his middle name, Ellie must solve the mystery and come to terms with the truth in order to save them all. Can it all really be true or is she going mad.
This book was very well written and Cabot had definitely researched her subject well, but didn't bore me with facts. Once I had started I found that I couldn't stop, it is very mysterious and unravels the story whilst keeping you in suspense. Altogether a very good book.

My Rating

I would give this book a 7/10

It was a  good read and I might revisit it sometime, glad I read it once, would recommend it to Meg Cabot fans or people interested in History


Update - The Disney film version was on last weekend. The cast was very well placed and it was a good attempt but they changed a lot of the book and it didn't make as much sense to me as the book did. It's worth a watch to see what you think, but i was sadly disappointed.

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Alice said...

I loved Avalon High. Meg Cabot is just fabulous. Great review :) Thanks for sharing!