Sunday 29 August 2010

Book Review - Rani & Sukh

'Man, she's wicked like one of them Bollywood actresses . . .'
Sukh reckons Rani is the most fanciable girl in school. She's got just the kind of look he goes for . . .
Rani can't stop thinking about Sukh either. Talk about fit. Beautiful amber-brown eyes, like pools you could jump into . . .
But Rani is a Sandhu, and Sukh is a Bains - and sometimes names can lead to terrible trouble . . .
A powerful and gripping novel that sweeps the reader from modern-day Britain to the Punjab in the 1960s and back again in a ceaseless cycle of tragedy and conflict. 

My Review
I had been told by many people over the years that i should read this book as it was apparently fantastic and right up my street. I finally managed to find a copy, and settled down to read. I was a bit confused by the Prologue, but it did make more sense once i had read more of the book. From the beginning of Chapter 1 though i was hooked, it started off a bit like a typical teenage novel, boy likes girl, girl likes boy but neither has the courage to approach the other, until one day when it all changes. But thats where it stops being typical story. Sukh is a Bains and Rani is a Sandhu, neither know it when they start to date, but their families have a very violent history, going back to the 1960's when Sukh's uncle was killed and Rani's Aunt committed suicide over a relationship. Resulting in both families hating each other. From here everything gets very difficult. Rani's dad is a strict Sikh father, believing in the old traditions that his daughter should be disciplined and have nothing to do with boys until her arranged marriage so she already has to hide her relationship with Sukh, but the revelation of the history makes it all the more risky. The story is fast paced and shows different sides to all relationships, and how feuds can get out of hand. I really felt for the main characters, the whole world really is against them, but they find strength to stay together. I cried whilst reading and especially at the end i was in floods of tears. The author really captures all the emotions and made it come to life.
I am so glad i finally read this book, it is up with my top reads now, would definitely read it again. It has quite a bit of Sikh religion in it, but not so it's jumping down your throat, just enough to support the story, and i found it quite interesting. A definite must read.

My Rating
I would give this book 10/10. Truly fantastic - find a copy now! :D 

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brave chickens said...

I've read other books by Bali Rai and sadly cannot find this one at all. I'm glad for your reivew, you've summed it up nicely :) I like it when you learn about a culture/religion through a book as well.