Sunday 29 August 2010

Book Review - Ooh La La Connie Pickles


Connie Pickles is fulfilling her destiny. She's in Paris, and she has big plans. She will fall in love with someone other than William. She will find her long lost grandparents. She will become tres chic. But sometimes even destiny doesn't go to plan . . .

My Review
The second part in the series, again set out as a diary with quick short readable chapters, this time Connie Pickles is in France on a school French exchange, well that's where she's meant to be. At first Connie and her friend get on teh wrong coach and end up in Belgium. I laughed out loud at this, it is something i would be likely to do. After then being transferred to France things don't get much better, she is paired with a goth girl with no respect for rules, and a rocky family situation. Connie's observations on the different members of the families made me laugh, Durant really gets the teenage honesty. But Connie isn't there just to have fun, she wants to find a nice French boy and be reunited with her Grandparents, no one said this would be an easy trip. With hurdles at every turn and her heart still pining for William, her best friend since infant school, and now going out with her next door neighbour, she struggles with her lovelife. The author makes France sound like a fantastic place and obviously did a lot of research of the local places. A very good read, ideal for holidays again as short and snappy. Considering i mainly picked it up because the title seemed quite funny, i wasn't disappointed. Compared to the first book, i'd definitely say this one was much better. 

My Rating
I would give this book 7/10. A good read, with plenty of laughs.  

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