Monday 16 August 2010

Book Review - Ghostgirl

Charlotte Usher has always felt invisible at school. But now she has a plan to break into the popular crowd and nothing is going to stop her. Not even death.

It's the first day of the rest of Charlotte's life. She isn't going to be invisible any more. And she's not going to stop at just getting noticed, she's determined that she'll be envied! Much to Charlotte's surprise her plan actually seems to be working: Petula, the most popular girl at school has finally acknowledged her existence and her lab partner for the rest of the term is none other than Damen Dylan, school heart-throb and object of Charlotte's desire. It's only a matter of time before she's accepted into their elite circle...that is until, in her excitement, Charlotte chokes to death on a gummy bear.

So, OK, it's the first day of the rest of Charlotte's death - why should that change her plans? 

My Review
I picked this up as i thought it sounded quite funny. The author is new to me, but i got into it quite quickly. the writing style is very good and the pages flow. I finished it quite quickly due to the ease of reading and the story, I was grabbed into this story and although slightly disturbed reading about death, I had to know what would happen. Tonya Hurley takes an interesting view on death and the idea that everyone has something they need ot do before they 'move on'. Once dead you have to be initiated, and pass a course in 'DeadEd', which i found quite funny, and you can't pass this course by yourself, the whole group has to go together. 
Once i got used to the fact that Charlotte was now a ghost, it seemed perfectly normal. It was just normal teenage moods and wants. Thinking that she will be forgotten forever, Charlotte begins to despair, but then she finds out that Scarlett (Petula's little sister) can see her, and an idea forms, that she can use Scarlett to get to Damen, the object of her desires, and Petula's boyfriend. 
I was hooked in this book and got through it very quickly, moving on to book two. The story has a satisfactory ending, but i was left wanting more.  
If you have suffered loss recently then i would not recommend this as it is quite detailed on Death, but if you like a good ghost story, then this would be great for you. 
I was surprised by how much i enjoyed it, and look forward to more by this author.

My Rating 

I  would give this book 8/10, go on give it a go :D

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