Sunday 15 April 2012

Author Signing - Louise Rennison 14/4/2012

I am going to try and right this post in the style of the awesome Louise Rennison / Georgia Nicolson ( a mix)

8:40 - Woken up by mother leaving for work, struggle for a minute to remember what day it is. Then it comes to me. Today is the day I get to meet the fabbity-fab author Louise Rennison, excellent, this is going to be marvy! I better get up and get ready.

8:42 - five more minutes in bed won't hurt.

9:00 - Now I'm running behind, why can I never find anything when I want it. "Flip, Flipper and Flipping hell!"

9:20 -  Crisis diverted, I am now dressed, fed and ready to go.

9:22 - too early to leave, maybe I should sit and read for five minutes.

9:35 - Oh for goodness sake, now I'm late again. My dad knew what time I had to leave but he didn't nudge me and my brother is still in bed, so he's no use. I'm gonna have to run for it.

9:40 - no queue at the petrol station - SCORE! fill up ready for the journey I'm getting all excited now.

9:45 - pick up my mate and right hand woman Sue, I'm early again. Ever feel it's gonna be one of those days?

9:55 - We are on our way! Cannot wait, gonna be Double cool with knobs on! (whatever that means? lol)

11:00 - Ladies and Gentlemen, We have ARRIVED! *thank you, thank you* I'll be here all day.

11:02 - the lovely Louise isn't due here for another hour, time for some delisch Hot Choccy methinks. Wow this cafe is posh looking.

11:45 - I'm circling the room, there is a table covered in black cloth and a chair that looks like a Throne behind it, must be Louise's spot. Lots of her funky books too. I must stay near and get near the front of the queue.

11:47 - other people are arriving with books, I'm sizing them up. Rennison fans unite!

11:55 - got my copy of her newest book 'Withering Tights: A Midsummer Nights Dream", I know it will make me laugh like a loon on loon tablets. :D

12:00 - we have been assembled into an orderly queue, you can feel the excitement rising.

12:05 - no sign yet, I bet Louise is doing something fabulous and witty, she'll be here any minute.

12:10 - Sue just said she was hungry, I had to agree, my stomach is growling like an angry bear, but it's gonna be worth the wait.

12:15 - OMG!!! Squeal, Louise Rennison just walked in. I think I've gone all jelloid!. :D

12:17 - she's talking to the girl in front of me. I'm eavesdropping on their conversation. She seems really nice. ooh my legs are shaking like wobble sticks.

12:20 - It's my turn, I was 2nd in the queue so it's me! I can't believe I'm meeting the marvy Miss Rennison.

12:27 - My gosh that was better than I thought it would be. Louise Rennison is definitely fabbity-fab and Double cool. We talked about the books, the movie, her stage-show that's coming up and she asked me about my life. She was super nice and funny. I told her I see a lot of myself in Tallulah and Georgia as I'm a bit loopy too. She asked if I ever say something then regret it? Well, I'd have to say - yes a lot. I will say random things and then think 'What on earth made me say that, it wasn't funny or clever and no one knows what I'm talking about' oh dear.

I got 2 books signed!!! :D
This was my first signed book, it says 'Really groovy and marv to hear about your life'
It goes onto a second page:
'Loads of Luurve - Louise R. xx'

How cool is that. She also did my new book:

"To the Marvy Becky, really groovy to meet you! Louise R xxxx"

How awesome is that. She then signed Sue's book whilst I stood by, still smiling like a loon!

12:45 - we have now left the bookshop and said goodbye to Louise Rennison, time for food and shopping. wooooo! So glad I could come and get my books signed. Bit disappointed I forgot to ask for a photo, oh well, maybe I can see her again next time she does a signing.  I bet you're all jealous.
I'm not going to write anymore, just know I will have a wicked day shopping and eat cake! but the highlight will always be meeting LR. :D

Louise Rennison is the best-selling author of the 'Georgia Nicolson series':

and now her latest series 'Withering Tights' Featuring Tallulah Casey;

Visit Louise's Goodreads page here

Visit the Official Georgia Nicolson Website here

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