Tuesday 7 May 2013

Book Promo - A Surefire Way

Paranormal romance with elements of romantic suspense and humor

               ISBN: 9780988836204
               393 pages (approximate on e-reader),
119,000 words

J.T. Bock's A Surefire Way, the first tale of the UltraSecurity force, delivers the following:
                a group of superhumans (UltraAgents) joined to protect citizens from evildoers—for a pre-contracted fee
                a kick-butt, rookie agent with daddy issues who doesn't follow the rules
                a quick-tempered boss annoyed with his rookie agent for not following the rules
                a flawed, yet incredibly attractive, hero afraid of bugs
                a half-roach villain with an ego problem
                a self-absorbed, vengeful god set to destroy the world (What else would a god do with his time?)
                a sexy goddess with a personality disorder
                a forbidden romance and even more forbidden sexytime
                loads of action and adventure like running, jumping, shooting guns and things, traveling to alternate worlds, battling cranky gods, bouncing a head around, searching for creepy Aztec skulls, and other fun stuff
                did we mention forbidden love?

UltraAgent Surefire’s plan is simple: Capture the transhuman thief Raven. Win back the respect of her father. Get a raise.
Easy, right?
Except Surefire just broke the number one rule of her employer, UltraSecurity, a niche security firm that solves crimes committed by genetically enhanced humans like Raven. She trailed Raven into a warehouse without backup. And something more powerful than any transhuman is waiting inside.
Raven’s plan is simple: Atone for his past crimes. Return stolen spiritual artifacts to restore the world’s balance. Don’t get caught by UltraSecurity.
Easy, right?
Until a spunky UltraSecurity agent is suddenly on his tail, although Raven wishes she was on … well, never mind … he can’t get distracted from his mission. Because she’s followed him into a warehouse filled with his reclaimed relics, and Raven’s ex-partner in crime is about to unleash a supernatural-sized complication into his plan.
His old partner has accidentally summoned an Aztec god who will destroy the world unless Raven stops this spirit with a superiority complex. To do this, Raven must team up with Surefire and reveal the truth about his powers, exposing her to a force that can either save the world or destroy them both.
Following Raven into that warehouse throws Surefire into a surreal world filled with moody gods, day-glo skulls, dizzying dimensional portals, maniacal half-roach magicians, and a sexy thief who is more than he appears under his snug t-shirt. Is Raven a criminal, or is he working for a higher power? Surefire needs to be certain, because if she joins him on this mission, she’ll have to surrender everything she believed in for a surefire way to save the world, discover her destiny and find true love.
About J.T. Bock
When J.T. Bock was a child, she wanted to be James Bond or Indiana Jones or a vampire hunter or Wonder Woman. Whatever brought her the most action, adventure and romance while play acting on her stage—otherwise known as her grandmother’s basement. Now J.T. has assembled her own team of action heroes, supernatural creatures and maniacal villains and set them on adventures far from her basement to exotic lands and alternate dimensions.
From a secret location outside of Washington, DC, J.T. conjures these pulse-pounding tales to share with those kindred readers looking for an exciting escape. Her alternate identity enjoys spending time with her workaholic husband and their sidekick rescue dog, traveling to interesting locales (San Diego Comic-Con), and enjoying life to the fullest with an amazing group of family and friends and a good glass of wine.
Check out J.T.’s latest adventures on her website (www.jtbock.com) or find her by flashing her initials in the sky, opening up her favorite bottle of Pinot Noir.
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Thank you for participating in my blog tour. It means a lot that you took the time to promote a new author. :)

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You are very welcome. :D Good luck with everything.