Saturday, 4 May 2013

Book Review - The Doldrums

Title: The Doldrums
Author: Piper Kelley
Series: The Gloom (book2)
Publisher: Piper Kelley
Release Date:  23rd June 2012
Tragedy strikes a celebration at Winsome’s castle. One of Poppy’s closest friends is taken, and Queen Augusta’s trusted aide is gruesomely injured trying to prevent the kidnapping. Poppy’s resolve to rescue her friend leads her to the Doldrums, a mysterious network of goblin caves set in an enormous mountainside, where an old adversary lies waiting for his revenge. 
My Review
We're straight back into the world with this book, picking up right where book 1 left off. Poppy has come to visit her mother and friends in Winsome but whilst there one of her friends is kidnapped. Queen Augusta tells them to wait and plan a rescue, but Poppy wants to find her friend before it's too late, so she sneaks out with her friends Brady and Gus, determined to get her back.
This one seemed a little bit more exciting than the first, I think because I knew the characters better, it felt like there was more at stake. I liked Annie as a character and really wanted Poppy to find her and bring her home.
Brady is growing more as a character and I like his courage and quiet confidence and the easy friendship between him and Poppy. I liked Gus even more, his spirit and heroics are really endearing, although I'm still not sure what he is supposed to look like.
Sneaking through a world of goblins and trolls the characters have to face danger at every turn, but I liked how you weren't really sure of what was to come next.
Augusta is still very short tempered and straight laced but I actually really like her, I found myself waiting to see if that tough exterior would crack and on the rare occasions it does you see a whole other side of her. 
Again this book is quite short at approx 150 pages and I finished it within about an hour, the plot carries you through and I was actually surprised by how quickly it passed.
The series is certainly getting better.
My Rating

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