Wednesday 25 August 2010

Book Review - Love, Lies & Lizzie

Author Rosie Rushton tackles Jane Austen's most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice, retelling the story with a contemporary twist. Her teenage Lizzie Bennet and sisters are still hunting for boyfriends, but with all of the advantages of modern technology: mobile phones, laptop computers and blackberries.
Rushton has been faithful to the original storyline, cleverly transferring the Regency courtship into the traumas of 21st-century teenage search for romance. The most significant change is that the Bennet's are wealthy - since Mrs. Bennet inherited a bundle from a third cousin. This Mrs. Bennet is still as outrageously unrefined as ever, using her new money to social climb through Meryton's better families. The five Bennet sister's personalities are all updated cleverly. 

My Review
I was slightly hesitant to read this as after studying Pride & Prejudice at school, i was not a fan of the story, but this book is surprisingly good, it maintains the main plot lines of the story and the charcters names fit, but it is updated wonderfully. If i had been made to study this at school i would have been quite happy. The girls are updated fantastically and all have great personalities, Jane is outspoken and thoughtful, Jane is shy but knows where her life i headed, Lydia is the party girl always in trouble and Katie her twin is the total opposite, desperate to be accepted but completely out of the circle. Mrs Bingley is still uptight, but made into a modern snob, and James Darcy is still irresistible. These books are great, especially if you are struggling with the complexity of Austen's work, this would be a great help. 

My Rating
i would give this book 7/10 well written and good fun. Give it a go.

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