Sunday 19 June 2011

Book Review - Tenth Grade Bleeds

Title: Tenth Grade Bleeds
Author: Heather Brewer
Series: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Publisher: Puffin
Release Date: 7 April 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0141334080

The evil vampire D'Ablo is hunting for the ritual that could steal Vlad's powers. His best friend doesn't want to be his drudge anymoreand it’s getting harder for Vlad to resist feeding on those around him. But when D'Ablo shows up demanding his father's journal, Vlad realizes that having a normal high school year is the least of his concerns.

Vlad needs to act fast, and even his status as the Pravus won't save him this time . . .

My Review
I was a little bit disappointed with book 2, so wasn't really sure what to expect with this one, but I wanted to know what happened to Vlad so when the book arrived shiny and new in the library I grabbed it. 
Maybe it's because I had lower expectations of this one, but I actually really enjoyed it, I was pleasantly surprised.
Vlad is dating the cutest girl in school, his uncle is living with him, he has his best mate by his side, things seem to be going well, but life is never that easy for a teenage vampire. The school nerd Eddie is becoming obsessed with Vlad and his 'secret', determined to expose him as a Vampire Eddie spends most of his life stalking Vlad, and if that wasn't bad enough, uncle Otis has to leave to go on a mission. Vlad's hunger is increasing and getting harder to hide and Oh yeah and the really bad thing - the vampire council is still out to get him, especially D'Ablo. Vlad wishes he could just be normal for once, then when Henry starts turning against him it gets more complicated. 
I found this book moved at a good pace and I was hooked throughout. Vlad is growing as a character and I feel like I know him, his powers are growing and he is coming to terms with who and what he is. 
D'Ablo is the perfect crazed bad guy, the sort of guy you really want to slap and say 'get over yourself' but you know you never could - he'd eat you for breakfast.
I love Henry and really see him becoming his own person and I can understand where he is coming from.
You learn more about Vlad's past - well his parents past and some of the vampire history which is really interesting and fits in well. 
The thing I like most about Vlad is that he has all this stuff going on around him, and his life is almost constantly threatened but he never gives up. He shows his emotions, which allow us to connect to him, but then he gets up and gets on with it.
His sarcastic humour is great and only matched by his guardian Nelly, her sense of humour is great and often had me laughing. 
Overall I actually really enjoyed this book and was glad I carried on with the series and am looking forward to the next one. 

My Rating
 I would give this book 8/10, action packed, and exciting, an enjoyable read that you can sink your teeth into (couldn't resist, sorry hehe) 

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