Friday 30 March 2012

The Hunger Games - The MOVIE!!!

I know everyone is doing these posts and I wasn't going to, but I love the series so much I just can't resist. If you haven't read the books/seen the film yet, this contains Spoilers.

I first saw the Hunger Games film on Saturday (24th), It was torture waiting even an extra day to see it, but I couldn't get to the cinema before that. I went straight from work on Saturday to the 5pm showing. I had pre-booked tickets and went with my brother (who hasn't read the books) and my colleague from work (I made her read the books!)

When we arrived it wasn't too busy but when we walked into the screen it was quite full, but they were a great audience, quiet for the most part with the occasional jump or gasp when required.

As the film started I could barely sit still, I was so excited, my heart was racing and I felt very emotional. I couldn't believe I was actually there and seeing the film.

I was crying within the first 10 minutes, so much emotion and power just in those first few minutes. And the Reaping. OMG, I had goosebumps and I had to try and control my tears. Willow Shields (Prim) did an excellent job, I could really feel her fear, and Jennifer Lawrence is just Katniss, 100%.

To be honest I thought I would sit in the cinema and be like 'well that wasn't in the book', but you know what, I wasn't, it was such a good adaptation and so well done that I was just swept up with what was happening. The shaky camera effect made me feel a bit funny at first, but I soon adjusted to it and think it added to the atmosphere.

The first glimpses of the Capitol took my breath away just like Peeta, it was astounding. All the costumes, make-up, buildings, sets etc, so much work gone into it.

Jennifer Lawrence - I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Katniss, she really portrays the emotion and struggle of the situation. When she volunteers for her sister, begs Gale not to let her family starve and one of the best I think is just before she enters the arena, when she is physically shaking. It made me shiver and I just wanted to find a way to get her out of there. I also think the scene with her up the tree trying to treat her burn was very moving, the pain she showed in her face, the desperation, it all came across wonderfully. Just all of it was amazing, I can't think of a single scene I was disappointed in.
I actually think the whole cast was perfect, Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman was just GENIUS, I adore Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, the connection he had with Katniss on screen was beautiful. Rue, gorgeous little Rue (Amandla Stenberg), my heart just melted, she was perfect, just as I pictured her and of course I was crying floods of tears at her death, it was so well done. Especially with the reaction from District 11. I saluted her in the cinema, but no one else did, so I kept it low (I was actually disappointed no-one else did)
Thresh - he was scary, yet perfect, just the right effect. WOW.
I could list them all here but I won't, just incredible for all though. I do have to give a mention to Elizabeth Banks as Effie, she made me laugh quite a few times, I especially loved her 'watch it, that's mahogany' line. and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch is also genius - his use of 'Sweetheart' at Katniss was spot on.

I think there was enough violence in the book, it was cleverly done and adapted to suit a wider audience and I don't feel it lost anything to do that, there were plenty of moments when I gasped or cringed even though I knew it was coming.

And I have to say about the Muttations - OMG they were bl**dy scary, when the first one jumped out of the woods I literally leapt out of my seat. (Much to the amusement of my companions)

Although the film is 2 hours and 20 minutes (40 if you count all the adverts/trailers before) it doesn't feel like a long film, at no point was I bored, I was just captivated.
Definitely one of the best Book to Movie adaptations I have ever seen.

I then went to see it again today (Thursday 29th) with my mum as she wasn't able to go on Saturday. She was just as excited as I was and I couldn't wait to get back in there. As it was during school hours we went, it was empty when we walked in, I grabbed the chance to get a photo with the giant poster in the foyer.

I had to do the Salute of course!

We then went in and found our seats and had the cinema to ourselves for all of 10 minutes, then a group of teenagers came in and started running up and down the aisles, shouting, screaming and just being a pest. 
My mum and I agreed that if they didn't settle when the film started we would complain but until then we would try to ignore them.
When the ads/trailers started they mostly sat down but were still talking a bit and one boy kept running up to his friend in the front row and kicking him then running away again, starting another fight. I think someone further back in the cinema told him to sit down and behave and it did stop.
The film started and everyone seemed to quiet down. My mum was buzzing with excitement and I was eager to see it again too.

If it's possible it was even better the second time round, I still cried, and gasped and laughed and everything but I found I could focus more on the actual film as I knew what to expect. 
It was slightly ruined by odd bursts of conversations by the teens, but they weren't frequent/long enough to actually complain about which was worse. They also seemed to pick the most important/moving bits to talk through. At one point I got so fed up I had to shout 'Shut Up!' at them and it did go quiet for a while after that. I just don't understand why people have to go to the cinema and be so self-centered and rude. If they don't want to watch the film, why are they there? It's not like the cinema is cheap, they've had to pay to get in so why don't they watch the film, it makes me really cross. If you want to sit and chat go to the park or something, don't come and ruin a film for someone else.

*rant over*
It was great to see it again though and my mum was amazed with it too. Of course there were some changes from the book but I honestly think they did a fabulous job, you can't put everything in, it's a different media, things have to change, all the changes they made, made sense and i can see why they were necessary so no complaints from me at all. 

Sorry for going on so much, I am just so amazed and in awe of this movie and of course the books that I can't get enough.

I am organizing a Hunger Games Party for ages 12+ at the Library I work in, it's going to be on the 10th April. I have a 'Find your District' quiz, a Trivia quiz, a Scavenger Hunt, and some survival games for activities, I am also going to buy food and get decorations to put round the library. If anyone has any ideas for cheap/easy to make decorations I would be grateful. Or any survival games ideas that can be done indoors and are Health & Safety passable I would love any suggestions.

And that's all I am going to say for now. Have you seen the film yet? What did you think? let me know. 

 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!


Celeste said...

I was it Saturday with my husband. I made him read the book. It bugged me that Buttercup was not orange but it's such a minor thing that why should I even care. But really they couldn't find an orange cat for that one little scene? Okay rant over! Love how you took pictures with the poster. And yes I was tearing up during the reaping & Rue's death.

Arianne said...

I'm in love with the books and the movies... Jennifer Lawrence really is KATNISS EVERDEEN. So is Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark :D
check out my review:

barmybex said...

Celeste- True, he should have been yellow, but it doesn't really make a difference. They don't say his name in the film, was probably one of the cast/crew pet.
Thanks, love the pics too, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take them.

Arianne - they really are, such amazing casting. :D