Sunday 15 April 2012

Guest Post: Angela Scott

How long will you survive in a zombie apocalypse? 
Do you have an emergency plan?
 I don’t think I would make a very good apocalypse survivor. I really don’t. I cry when things become scary and life threatening. In fact, I cry a lot. I’m also a big complainer, too (ask my husband). So I’m quite certain that should a zombie apocalypse happen, I will last just roughly under ten minutes before either the zombies get me, or the other survivors have had enough of my crying and decide to kill me themselves.
 This true, and I accept it for what it is. But for the sake of argument, let’s say I DO survive for more than ten minutes…what would I do and where would I go? Now, I’ve read a lot of advice that says head for your local shopping warehouse, such as COSTCO or SAM’S CLUB or the like. It sounds like good sound advice—there is an abundance of food, water, medicine, and the shelter is magnificent if all doors are locked and bolted. There is plenty of TV’s to watch and books to read, not to mention fantastic toys and shopping carts to play with. You won’t be bored, for sure. BUT, here’s the thing…unless you get there first, you’re setting yourself up to die. Think about it…thousands of people will head there. You may be trampled by the crowds, and if you’re not, and you get there and find the parking lot empty and the doors shut, you’re now smack dab in the middle of a thriving, well-populated city.
And EVERYONE knows that a well-populated area can only mean one thing—zombies. 
They will everywhere. 
They WILL eat you. 
So no, don’t head to Costco. Don’t do it, however tempting it might be. Where to go then? Well, you will need shelter, and you will need food and water. That is a given. Without those three things you will be doomed. Zombies will be the least of your problems. I mean, you can totally climb to the top of your roof or live in your attic—zombies can’t climb—but after a few days of this…whatcha gonna do? Do a rain dance? Hope a pigeon lands on your roof? Nope, don’t climb on your roof unless you’re already surrounded. Then do it. It’ll buy you a day or two. Who knows? Maybe a helicopter will rescue you (we both know that’s not going to happen).
If a zombie apocalypse sprouts up, I’m heading for the hills. That’s right. I hate camping and the outdoors, but I will become a woodsman (woman). I think I can do it. I’ve been watching SURIVOR MAN and MAN VS WILD, so I’ve learned a thing or two. I will grab my 72hr kit and head for the high mountains. Speaking of 72hr kits, make one. They are handy in ALL emergencies, and they will give you 72hrs to create shelter and find food and water.
Grab a backpack and stuff it with everything—food, water, first aid kit, tent, matches, extra clothing, etc… This is uber important. There is a big reason why I would head for the mountains despite being a city girl—zombies can’t climb, as I mentioned before. Can you imagine them trying to clamber over rocks and navigate steep trails? Ha, ha, ha…so silly. There are plenty of streams, rivers, and lakes in the mountains, so there will be plenty of water and hopefully fish to catch and fry up over a nice fire. Also, where there is water there should be plenty of game to hunt (lingo I learned from Bear Grylls), so set traps so you don’t waste any bullets—you’ll need those should you come across evil humans who want to stab you in the back and steal your supplies (every apocalyptic movie has one or two, so be prepared). So there you have it, that is my plan should I live more than ten minutes into a zombie apocalypse. And should I not make it more than ten minutes…well, you best be warned, because even though I will make a lousy survivor, I’m quite certain I will make one awesome zombie.

Publisher: Evolved Publishing
18 Mar 2012
 Synopsis -
Trace Monroe doesn't believe in luck. He never has. But when fiery-headed cowgirl saunters through the saloon doors, wielding shotguns and a know-how for killing the living dead, he believes he just may be the luckiest man alive.
Trace wants to join "Red's" posse, but she prefers to work alone - less messy that way. In order to become her travelling companion, Trace has to agree to her terms: no names, no questions and if he gets bit, he can't beg for mercy when she severs his brain stem. He agrees, knowing only that Red is the sharpest shooter he's ever encountered. The fact she's stunning hasn't escaped his attention either.
What he doesn't know is Red has a very good reason to be on top of her game! She not only has the answer for how they can all outlive the plague taking over the wild, wild west! She is the answer!

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