Thursday 11 April 2013

Book Review - Angel In The Ice

Title: Angel In The Ice
Author: Lisa Grace
Series: The Angel (book 3)
Publisher: Lisa Grace Books
Release Date: 26 April 2012
ASIN: B007Y29VE8

Megan Laughlin has a gift, or what seems like a curse at times—to see angels. Judas, an evil angel enrolled in her high school, tags along with her youth group on their winter-break ski trip.
While in the mountains of North Carolina, an approaching blizzard provides Judas the perfect cover— to up the death count and gather more souls. Meanwhile, Sam fights his drug addiction, Seth discovers his gift, and Megan is confronted by Judas to deliver on her promise. Seemingly harmless temptations have life-changing consequences for the survivors at the resort.

My Review
After finishing book 2 at 7.15 this evening I decided to download the 3rd one, I wanted to know what would come next. 2 and a bit hours later I had finished the book.
Megan has gone on a school trip to the ski slopes in North Carolina, she's thrilled because her boyfriend Seth's school is going to be there too. Finally they will have more time together, but a shadow hangs over them, Jude's threat is surrounding Megan and she can see no way of getting him to leave her alone and she doesn't know what he is planning to do. Sure enough everything starts to go wrong, injuries, avalanches, arguments and fights, no one seems to be safe anymore. But how can Megan and Seth save everyone at once?
This book seemed to fly by, there is so much packed into it, but it didn't seem rushed or over the top. 
I have actually really gotten into this series and come to like the characters, I still don't feel as close to them as I do some other characters in other books due to the writing style, but the more I read about them the more 'real' they seem. On that note, the writing is still quite 'tell' instead of 'show', it's obviously her style and to be honest I think I'm getting used to it, it didn't bother me quite as much in this book. It stood out on a couple of occasions but I soon moved past it.
I actually thought this was a trilogy and was surprised when I got to the end and realised it didn't end, but that there were 2 more books to come. Neither of which are out yet. I do still want to know how it all ends so I will be looking out for the next one. 
The religious aspect became second nature to me in this book and just a part of the characters, it would still count as 'religious fiction' so if you're not into that it would probably put you off, but I actually enjoyed this one a lot.

My Rating

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