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Book Review - Devil's Bargain

Title: Devil's Bargain
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: Red Letter Days (book 1)
Publisher: Mira Books
Release Date: 5 Oct 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1848451568

Jazz Callender is an ex-cop struggling to prove her partner's innocence after he is sent to prison for murder, and she's willing to take whatever help comes along ... but she's about to make a bargain with the devil. Approached by a mysterious, attractive stranger with a check and a business offer, she finds herself plunged deep into a world where nothing is as it seems ... not James Borden, Attorney At Law, who fascinates her even as she doubts his honesty ... not Lucia Garza, her beautiful, brilliant new partner with hidden depths and secrets ... not The Cross Society, who seems to be able to know more about the cases she's being sent to investigate than Jazz does herself. With each new revelation, Jazz and Lucia uncover a world of psychic predictions and unseen forces, and find themselves playing not just for keeps, but for souls ... With lives at stake, Jazz finds that every choice she makes is dangerous ... even the one to fall in love.

My Review
I normally avoid anything to do with devils, I usually find it uncomfortable to read, and very often quite cliched. But I adore Rachel Caine and I got sent this book a while ago to read, then last week I got book 2 from Netgalley so I thought it was time I dived in.
And I am pleased to say I LOVED it, and the whole making a deal with the devil was more of a metaphor, she doesn't actually meet the devil or anything like him, instead she deals with someone who likes to play with power and is very dark and dangerous
Rachel Caine is the queen of kick-ass characters. I fell in love with Eve and Claire in her Morganville series and now I can add Jazz and Lucia to that list!
Jazz is an ex-cop determined to clear her partner of a murder he didn't commit, but instead she gets pulled into a dangerous world of mysterious ops and dodgy assignments. Within the first chapter she has kicked some serious butt and walked away with no more than a split lip. This girl certainly knows how to handle herself and you can tell you wouldn't want to mess with her, but at the same time Caine manages to write a very likeable person who does have a softer side - you don't see it often but when you do it really works and makes you like Jazz all the more.
Lucia is the other unsuspecting partner in the story, thrown together with Jazz she is the sophisticated business side of the duo, but that doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. The two of them together have a good sense of humour and make a great team. A quote from one my favourite films, Miss Congeniality, fits perfectly here: they both have "sarcasm and a gun" in copious amounts.
The other main player you need to be introduced to is James Borden, he's the go between for Jazz and Lucia and the big company hiring them for whatever reason. He is funny and serious, and sweet and moody and complete softy deep down. There were moments when I questioned his reliability but ultimately I liked him too much to really care if he did turn out to be a bad guy. (I won't tell you either way, I don't want to ruin the story for you)
I'm still not entirely sure how the big bosses/bad guys knew all the information they had, whether they were 'psychic' or not I just don't know, but that confusion keeps you desperate to know more and I hope more is revealed in the second book, but although I did wonder all the way through I also kind of accepted it and jsut went with the story, I was hooked. 
The ending as well left me on a 'oh my' and I have to know what comes next so I am so pleased to have book 2 within easy reach. 

This is a great new series from Rachel Caine. If you haven't ever read anything by her then you really must, she is an absolute legend!!!

My Rating


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