Friday 9 May 2014

Book Review - Resist

Title: Resist
Author: Sarah Crossan
Series: Breathe (Book 2)
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
Release Date: 10 Oct 2013 
ISBN-13: 978-1408827208

The sequel—and conclusion—to Sarah Crossan's Breathe. Three teen outlaws must survive on their own in a world without air, exiled outside the glass dome that protects what's left of human civilization.

Bea, Alina, and Quinn are on the run. They started a rebellion and were thrown out of the pod, the only place where there's enough oxygen to breathe. Bea has lost her family. Alina has lost her home. And Quinn has lost his privileged life. Can they survive in the perilous Outlands? Can they finish the revolution they began? Especially when a young operative from the pod's Special Forces is sent after them. Their only chance is to stand together, even when terrible circumstances force them apart. When the future of human society is in danger, these four teens must decide where their allegiances lie.

My Review
I read book 1 in this series a year ago and I remember devouring it and loving it, so when I heard book 2 was coming out I was desperate to read it. However I couldn't get hold of a copy so had to order it through the library, then by the time I got it I had forgotten a lot of what happened in book 1. I started to read this book and just thought 'who is Alina and why is she on a boat?' so i decided to quickly re-read book 1. (I haven't re-written a review for that one because I had pretty much the same reaction as last time - i still loved it, so that first review still stands hehe)
So then straight onto Resist. The pod is starting to fall, Bea is on the run, Quinn is out there too, escaping from the riots and Alina is trying to make her way to the only place left that could help - Sequoia. But things aren't always what they seem and soon the 3 of them are fighting against something bigger than any of them could have imagined and the enemies don't always come from where you expect.
This book is actually the second and final part of the Breathe 'series', but when I had finished I was desperate for more. Sure the storyline is wrapped up enough that the majority of questions are answered and there aren't really any lose ends, but it's one of those books that just pulls you in so much and makes you connect with the characters that you can't bear to say goodbye. I was desperately hoping there would be another one in the series just so I can go back and spend more time in that world and see what would come next.
This book is told from Bea, Quinn Alina and Ronan. And I felt like I connected with each one, Ronan was a nice addition and gave an extra dimension to the story, another side to view it from. I think Bea is and always will be my favourite character though - indecisive at times, a bit nervous but willing to fight for the right thing and tough when needed. She's feisty and I can relate to her quite a lot.
There were some questions left unanswered which I am not entirely happy with, but overall Crossan does such a good job with the story, plot, characters, and general feel of the book that I can't help but love it.
I will definitely be buying copies of both book 1 and 2 when I can afford it as I know I will be reading them again, they are that addictive. 
Sarah Crossan is coming to London in July to a big author event at the 'London Film and Comic Con' and I am trying to get the day off so I can go. Would be awesome to meet her, have so many things to ask her. Will probably have to pick my one burning question though. But after reading this book I am all the more excited to see her.
This is a series I highly recommend - fast paced, action packed and moving a story you won't be able to forget.

My Rating

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