Wednesday 14 May 2014

New Things for this blog

Hi all,

I haven't been as on top of this blog as I used to be. To be honest it's just been ticking over, I would review a book when I'd read it (and that's slowed down) and post Promo posts for authors when I was sent them. This is fine in the grand scheme of thing but doesn't really offer variety.

I want my readers to get something out of this blog when they visit and I would like to get something more out of running it. So I am looking to try some NEW THINGS.

What are these 'new things' you may ask - well I'm not entirely sure. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see please comment below.

The first thing I want to try though is a sort of Weekly Discussion Post, this will mostly be me rambling on about something book related, but I hope that enough people will read it and that we can start discussions in the comments.

I ultimately want to increase traffic to my blog, I have a lot of followers and I love that you've clicked that button to follow, but hardly anyone comments and I don't think that my blog is really that out there- people don't know I exist. I want to get people coming together and talking about the thing that brings us together - books!

I will be posting my weekly discussions on Thursdays - starting tomorrow (15th May) and will call it 'Thursday Thoughts' I will offer a linky so if you want to do your own post on the discussion and then link to it on my blog you can. I want as many people talking as possible.

Here is a little Button I made quickly for it, this may change in time but for now it's cute!

Tomorrow's post will be about Reading Childhood Favourites. Is it wise to revisit the books we loved as a child now we are older.

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