Monday 23 June 2014

Book Promo: Resurgence The Queen Awakens Part 1

Synopsis: How do families become members of the aristocracy? Does the universe choose them? Have you ever wondered what happened to Constantinople? Resurgence is a work of fiction in the young adult and paranormal romance genres. The story blends elements of romance, darkness, history, fantasy, aristocracy, and reincarnation.
Book Description: While working on her studies at the Churchill Military Academy in Kinsburgh, England, Jolán Vajnbirg’s final year at the academy develops into a year of competition, aristocratic love, a reincarnated breakthrough, and a calling from the sky world to help save earth from the death and destruction caused by the Order of the Hunters.

When Jolán Vajnbirg encounters Prince Colemund William Frederik Van Oranje-Nassau, the two bring the celestial destiny of the sky world to perfection. Jolán was born as a reincarnated spirit, but it took a synchronicity of events to spark her supernatural breakthrough.

Now, the sky world is steadily preparing Jolán for her future fate. The hunters have upset the universal balance of earth, and the hunters have upset the sky world.

Author Bio:
Virginia Vayna was born in Dayton, Ohio. During 1999, she moved to Long Beach, California, where she lived on a sailboat for three-years. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and she holds a Master of Social Science. She has worked as a policy researcher, a legal writer, and she currently works as a freelance copywriter. Virginia enjoys writing historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal fiction, mystery, and YA. She is the author of the Hunters and the Queen series.
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Book Excerpt:
The Phoenix
Hadrian immediately placed an angry phone call to Akuji, but this time she answered her phone. Hadrian sharply inquired, "Where are you, Akuji? We have a major problem in development."

Akuji nonchalantly replied, "I just transformed a farmer into a hunter, and I’m explaining the rules."

Hadrian didn’t care about what Akuji was doing at the moment; he violently shouted, "Return to Komi. Do not waste time, do not waste resources, but return on the next flight out of England."

Akuji said, "I still have to finish one more assignment. I need to find and follow this girl named Jolán."

The mere sound of such a name caused Hadrian’s stomach to turn, and his unnerving sensation returned. Hadrian dryly inquired, "Who is Jolán?"

As soon as Hadrian spoke Jolán’s name, he felt his insides turn and his stomach ache. He felt weak.

Akuji dryly answered, "She is some assignment I have to figure out, but I’m not having any success."

Hadrian gathered as much strength as he could for the moment, and he said to Akuji, "Get on the next flight back to Russia. We have heavy issues of concern we need to assess for action."

At that moment, Akuji heard several voices come through her phone; but she was unsure what happened or where the voices were located. She asked Hadrian, "Are you ok?"

All Akuji could hear was the sound of a thousand whispers.

Hadrian kept repeating, "Akuji, are you there? Answer me."

Hadrian heard no response from Akuji. He finally hung up the phone, but Akuji still heard the voices. She was caught in a trance for several minutes until she received a piercing headache. Akuji quickly left some items behind for the farmer to study, and she walked towards her car. She hustled to the seat of her car. She was en route to the airport. 

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