Friday 7 November 2014

Book Review - Sleep of Death

Title: Sleep of Death
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Series: Charlotte Westing Chronicles (Book 2)
Publisher: Imaginary Properties LLC
Release Date: 8 Jun 2014

Oracles can see the future, but are sworn to never interfere. Charlotte Westing learned this lesson the hard way--but after a series of murders in her small town, she's beginning to wonder if she learned too well. Are there some futures Charlotte as a responsibility to change?

When a new girl with strange powers shows up at school on the same day Charlotte has a vision of a grisly double homicide, Charlotte must decide whether the time has come to free herself from the rules of the Sisters of Delphi once and for all. But what will be the price?

My Review
After finishing book 1 and discovering that there was another one to follow I knew I had to download it - it's only currently available on Kindle.
Charlotte is still trying to get over the murders of her classmates and the discovery that she was being used by John. A lesson she had to learn the hard way, but even so she still wants to try and help people, but she has to decide whether to follow the rules and resist her visions or if she should let them come and try to change the future. Then she sees a vision of a grisly double homicide and things start getting complicated, especially when the new girl at school finds out about Charlotte's powers and reveals some unusual gifts of her own.
As the girls dig further into the future and try to figure out just who is behind the murders things start to get more and more complicated and soon one of them may be in just as much trouble.
Again these books are not my usual taste in books, the mere mention of a homicide let alone a gruesome one would have me running a mile, but I love Pike's writing and wanted to know what happened to Charlotte next so I got stuck in.
It was quite gory in places and very violent, in fact I jumped in my seat a few times but I did figure out who was responsible as soon as the character was introduced - it was so obvious to me, so instead of being surprised by the revelation I was still waiting for them to attack again, I knew more would come and man I was not wrong. This took a seriously creepy turn but yet I still had to keep reading. 
I have to admit that after reading this book I did have nightmares that night but I am a wimp so it's only to be expected I suppose. I'm still glad I read it, as it was such a gripping read, Pike does it so well, a true horror master - if you can get someone so involved they physically can't turn away from the story!

I am even hoping that there will be a third book in the series, I can't help it - I want more. (I think I'm mad) :)

My Rating

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