Tuesday 18 November 2014

Book Review - The Trouble With Flying

Title: The Trouble With Flying
Author: Rachel Morgan
Release Date: 20th June 2014
ISBN13: 9780992233914

When nineteen-year-old introvert Sarah boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, the last thing she expects is Aiden, the guy sitting next to her who’s never flown anywhere before and refuses to shut up. Hours of random conversation later, they part ways. Sarah can’t stop thinking about Aiden, though, and wondering if she made a terrible mistake letting him go. Should she abandon her safe, predictable life and go in search of him, or would she be chasing a happily ever after that could never exist in real life? 

My Review
I was offered the chance to review this and was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review. Although not my typical read I do like the odd contemporary romance and light read so I agreed and at only 256 pages I thought it was worth a shot.
Sarah lives in Africa but has been in the UK visiting her sister, all she wants now is a quiet journey home. She's very shy and introverted and prays the seat next to her stays empty so she doesn't have to talk to anyone, so when Aiden sits down and begins a long conversation she's frustrated. Aiden has never flown before and has a terrible fear of flying, so he gets Sarah to distract him, talk to him, keep him calm. Although uncomfortable at first Sarah begins to enjoy herself and she feels a connection to him. But when the plane lands they must go their separate ways, after all Africa is a big place - right!?
This book was slightly predictable, it was obvious to me that they would meet up again - otherwise what would be the point of their meeting! But saying that, I enjoyed the inevitability of it and once they did find each other again I enjoyed the development of both of their characters individually and coming together. They both have pasts - we all do, and finding out about theirs was interesting and added a bit of a twist in places.
I really liked Sarah as a character, shy and quiet but willing to try for the right thing and change her life for the positive. In a way she reminded me of myself and I was rooting for her to stand up and take control. She definitely develops throughout the story and I love the character she becomes too.
Aiden is one of those characters you can't help but like right from the start, he may be a bit annoying but he has a cheeky personality with an obvious caring side that you just have to like him. 
The imagery of the book was fabulous, I could picture everything as I read, especially the climb up the mountains, I could almost fool myself that I was there.
So although a very simple book, it was very well written and ended up being a very enjoyable read, I read it all in about 2 hours non stop and it flew by.

My Rating

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