Wednesday 2 March 2011

Book Review - The Life Of Riley

Title: The Life Of Riley
Author: Joanna Nadin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 978-0192755278

My quest to find THE ONE starts right now! This year I will utterly not snog random posh boys with congenital acne but will save myself for long-haired creative type with interest in tragicness and with musical potential i.e. Justin Statham. Though am not sure Justin has realized yet that I am THE ONE for him. Maybe he has heard I am rubbish at snogging. I need to learn to snog properly - and fast. Though perhaps I am just generally unlovable. As well as tongue technique issues I have hopelessly untragic relatives and a dog who eats furniture. Plus I am practically a medical midget and my hair is mental. Maybe I should just give up on boys altogether... 

My Review
Although I didn't overly enjoy the first book, something pulled me back into the world and I had to pick up the next one. Even as I was reading it I was thinking, 'Why am I reading this' at the same time as 'i can't get enough'. I must admit I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first. Riley seems more sure of herself and has grown into a more realistic character, in fact all the characters seems to have come alive. It's almost like the author was using book one as a foundation, not entirely sure of what it will lead to, and is now building on that foundation and creating a strong, well rounded structure. 
Grandpa is still causing havoc with Treena and their tear-away dog who will eat practically anything. Mum is still on her hunt to rid the world of spills, spots and stains, this even stretches to those who she thinks would be a stain on society. But now she is learning to drive, will anyone ever be safe again.
Riley seems to really come alive in this book and she had some really witty comments, i found myself laughing more in this book than i did in the first. It is still set out the same, a diary entry for each day of the year, so it was still a quick read, I finished it in less than 3 hours. And I am still strangely addicted. I have the next one on the way from the library and can't wait to get stuck in.

My Rating
I would give this book 6/10 getting better.


Nina B. said...

I liked the cover a lot! And at least you liked this better than the first. Cool review!

And thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your high school experience with different groups - your school sounds like it's straight off a high school-based novel! I was actually waiting for the part where the protagonist makes his/her first significantly insignificant entrance :D

By the way, ARGH said thank you - he was so thrilled that you would support his bid to replace Rob Pattinson :D

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barmybex said...

Thanks for the awesome comment.

It's ok, sorry if i went on a bit. glad you found it

tell ARGH i'll support him any day!!! :P