Wednesday 25 August 2010

Book Review - Teen Idol


Everyone loves Jen Greenley. But being the world’s best listener doesn’t always get you too far. Until Jen’s asked to look after ‘Lucas Smith’ – better known as Luke Striker, Hollywood’s most famous teenage movie star, who’s coming to Clayton High School to research a new role.

Can Jen keep Luke’s identity a secret? And can she manage not to lose her heart to the most gorgeous guy on the planet? Let’s face it – Jen’s starring in her very own Mission Impossible! Or is she?

My Review
Another Meg Cabot book off my list, again I was looking forward to this book and got into it really easily. Jen is the girl everyone goes to for advice, if anyone is upset- she goes to comfort them, if your having relationship trouble - talk to Jen. but is being the schools counsellor substitute really what she wants. When Jen is asked to look after the new kid for two weeks she agrees, but it's not that simple, the new guy is no other than Hollywood sensation 'Luke Striker' the most popular teenage boy in the world, going undercover at the school as Lucas Smith to research a new role. But it's hard trying to keep his cover whilst trying not to fall in love with him, and noticing a good friend in a whole new light. Luke makes Jen think more about her role in life, does she want to be the kind sympathetic ear all her life, helping but not really making a difference, or does she want to use her status to affect change. The characters are great, i could relate most of the characters to people i really knew when i was at school. Although predictable in places, it is really well written and easy to read.

My Rating
I would give this book 9/10, a definite must read! Go on, find a copy :D


Tanisha said...

Hi, I see you figured out how to link your pages with the labels! LOL I was on the computer the other night for about 5 hours trying to find the same thing and came across your question. I loved your response to the one answer where you said that you had been through his work and was still confused! LOL I read through his answer over and over and went to the site but I was completely lost! I figured out how to do it on my own and went back to see if you had figured it out! Congrats! Nice work!

barmybex said...

Hehe, thanks Tanisha, that site really was confusing, glad i'm not the only one that found that.
Thank you for coming back to check on mine, very nice of you. Your site is soo cool, looks really good, and i loved the look of the chocolate fudge cakes with strawberry and cream filling YUM! :D