Friday 1 October 2010

Book Review - 39 Castles: Kingmaker's Castle

After the fall of the kingdom, everyone in England has divided themselves into thirty-nine communities, each based within a castle. This is the way that people live now - in a future that seems like the past. Eleanor Conway is part of the secret organisation Castle Seven, charged with taking part in missions on behalf of the Clearheart Community. But Castle Seven is now Castle Six, following Anderson's dramatic departure. Anderson has kidnapped Eleanor's friend Mary. He tells her she is destined to be Queen of all England one day - but can she trust him? Eleanor and the Castle Six make preparations for a rescue. But by the time they end their adventure, they're destined to be one less in number. 

My Review
This book follows on from where book 1 left. Again it is a very short book at 168 pages, and so i thought it would be a quick read. However i struggled to get into it. The cover on this book is absolutely beautiful and think this is still why i picked it up in the first place. The story picks up now Anderson has left the group so they are now known as the Castle six. It also focuses more on Eleanor's friend Mary. I found this more interesting than the first group because you get more of a sense of what is happening in the world away from the Castle group. However, i found Mary very annoying in this book, one minute scared, then angry, then doing everything she's told, then hating her kidnapper again, then believing him again, i wanted to say, 'make your mind up'. For me, considering it was such a short book, the pace seemed slow again. I missed the presence of Justin in this book, who i really liked in book 1, i hope he comes back for the next one.
I wouldn't say this book was great, but it does draw you in and make you want to know more, so that's something. I don't know, maybe if i was more the intended age group i might have enjoyed it more, and not analyzed it so much, but to me it was an ok story but nothing to rave about, something to read if your bored and want something short. 

My Rating
I would give this book 4/10. Alright one time book, but don't think I'd read again

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Unknown said...

You're right, nice castle.
I like your review.
Mike Draper