Friday 4 February 2011

Guest posts!!!

Today is exciting for me because i feature in my very first Guest Post. - Two to be precise, Wow,


Every week Catherine from On The Nightstand does a special guest post called 'Five On Friday' where she introduces a blogger and asks them five questions. I was so excited to be asked, you can check out the post and my answers here

Hope you enjoy and find you learn something more about me and my reading!

Then on 'Dog-Eared & Bookmarked' this entire week has been focused on Children's books and encouraging the young to pick up a book. I applied for a guest spot to write a little note about my favourite book from childhood and why reading is important to me, I had fun writing it and am pleased to announce that I have been featured on the site today. To read my guest post click here

Thank you to both sites for giving me the chance to be featured. If you haven't checked out either of their sites I encourage you to. :D

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April said...

That is so awesome, Becky! I will be sure to check both posts out!!

barmybex said...

Thanks :D