Thursday 14 April 2011

Book Review - Wild Child

Title: Wild Child
Author: Mike Wells
Available currently on Kindle and other e-readers

Briana Fox is the wildest girl in school. She and Kyle have been friends for a long time..., almost lovers. When Briana challenges Kyle to a swim across the lake, she's injured in a terrible accident, but also discovers a mysterious substance in an underwater cave. What seems to be a magical yet harmless "power drug" turns out to have unexpected properties. Briana soon becomes dependent on it for her very survival. When two government agents get wind of their discovery, they will stop at nothing to force Kyle and Briana to reveal its source.

I received a copy of this from the author, as I don't own a Kindle I had the pdf document. I got this in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I thought this story sounded very intriguing and was glad to accept a copy to read. I read it as more of a short story, (approx 100 pages), which is short for me, :P,  however this doesn't take anything away from it, the story is well written and quite exciting.
Kyle and Briana go out to the lake for a relaxing afternoon, when Briana suggests they go for a long swim Kyle is hesitant, but she's so persuasive. Things go from bad to worse when Briana gets involved in a terrible accident. Almost dead and drifting through the water she comes across a cave filled with magical water that has amazing powers. But this water is not all it seems, soon she has to drink more in order to survive, but now people know about it, they want to get their hands on it too. Briana and Kyle have to try to keep the cave a secret as well as fulfilling Briana's need for it.
I found myself reading through this very quickly, I had to know what would happen to Briana, I was slightly grossed out by her injuries and found myself almost clutching my stomach in sympathy, but overall it was more exciting than off putting. 
This story has just enough information so you know who the characters etc are and feel like you know them. It would be great for a quick read - like on a bus journey, but will leave you thinking about it afterward, I'm certainly intrigued.
I found the ending slightly abrupt though, I wanted more, I could see why it ended where it did, it added a level of dramatics and also made me go 'aww', the sentiment was very sweet. 
I have to give kudos to the author, I have tried writing short stories and they are very hard to get right, I always end up with three times my desired word count, but Mike Wells has managed a well balanced story that flows well and grips the reader.

My Rating
I would give this book 7.5/10 very exciting and gripping, leaves you wanting more.    

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