Tuesday 12 April 2011

When Elmer The Elephant Came To Visit

Well, today has been total madness in the library. Here in England it is currently the Easter Holidays. Every school holiday we run a special event at the library and today was Elmer.

We had 55 children turn up to the event which is quite a lot for our little library. We started off by reading 'Elmer's Friends' to them, then we did 'Elmer's Colours' and got the kids to find different coloured elephants that we had hidden round the Children's Section. We then read the above book 'Elmer and Wilbur' we had a special large format copy.

Then the magic really started, we asked the Children if they wanted to meet a special guest and if they did, they would need to call his name. Cue mass noise in the library as all 55 Children and their parents called out 'ELMER!!!' over and over until:-----

Elmer appeared!
The kids swarmed around him and we had a lot of photos taken both by us for publicity and by the parents. Everyone wanted to hug Elmer.

I am the shape in the grey top on the far right!!!

I had to crop the pictures as I can't show the childrens faces online.

The Children then did a treasure hunt in the library (one sheet was pulled out and the lucky winner got a prize - a colouring book and crayons.) They also had a chance to make an elephant mask and I had made a Giant Elephant cut out and covered it in white paper - the kids then stuck coloured squares on it to make our own Elmer for display. (Will get a picture when it is up on the wall later this week.)

At the end of the hour we still had children sticking and colouring. We had a rush clear up of tissue paper, clue, and pencils before lunch and the meeting room was needed again.

We all had so much fun and got really nice feedback from the parents, but my goodness was it hard work.

Oh well, at least it keeps life interesting. We have an Easter Stories activity next Wednesday too, wish us luck, and any ideas for simple crafts would be welcome. :D

Wave Goodbye Elmer!!! :P


Unknown said...

Seeing photos like that make me wish my two granddaughters were here.

Stella said...

Brilliant! well done you and Elmer and all the kids that made it such a fun event!