Friday 13 July 2012

Blog Tour - Persephone

Author Kaitlin Bevis has stopped by today with a guest post for the Persephone Daughters of Zeus blog tour.  Make sure you get your copy of Persephone Daughters of Zeus out Friday July 6th!

There's a half dead pomegranate tree in my yard. I love it. I think it's wonderfully symbolic. It's the craziest looking thing. There are leaves and fruit on one side and the rest of the tree just looks like a skeleton. My friends tell me I should cut away the dead so that the tree might pull through, and I will once I have a minute to dedicate to yard work. But I can't help but feel cutting away the dead is betraying Hades.

Silly I know. I really wish I could claim this half dead pomegranate tree was my inspiration for writing Persephone, but we didn't move to this house until last summer, and Persephone was being sent out in query letters at that point. No, my actual inspiration was much less poetical and symbolic.

It was a preview to clash of the titans. I really liked the quote "damn the gods" which got the ball rolling in my mind. The actual movie was almost as inspiring.

In that I was so bored I drafted the entire book in my head while I watched it. I left that movie, chattering endlessly about my idea to my husband and a friend, and then went home and wrote the book.

I don't know why a movie trailer seems like an unworthy source of inspiration, but the whole story is a little embarrassing. If I ever get really famous, I might go with the more "writerly" story of inspiration.

I have a half dead pomegranate tree in my yard..

Kaitlin Bevis spent her childhood curled up with a book, and a pen. If the ending didn't agree with her, she rewrote it. She's always wanted to be a writer, and spent high school and college learning everything she could so that one day she could achieve that goal. She graduated college with my BFA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and is pursuing my masters at the University of Georgia.

Her young adult fiction novel "Persephone," will be released this summer. She also writes for Athens Parent Magazine, and

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting my guest post :)

barmybex said...

You're welcome, sorry the Review isn't included, I'm about halfway through the book, just didn't get it finished in time. I'll post it within the next couple of days. Sorry. :D

Anonymous said...

No trouble! I hope you're enjoying the book. Could you do me a favor when you write the review though? If you could copy it to goodreads and amazon I'd really appreciate it. The more reviews my book has (good or bad) the more likely IT shows up when you search "Persephone" as opposed to textbooks and pomegranate salt and pepper shakers.

barmybex said...

Finished it - review coming in the next hour! Loved it by the way!! :D
I will definitely put it on Goodreads & Amazon, I usually do. Is there anywhere else you want it?
Thanks again for giving me a copy! x

Anonymous said...

Barnes and noble if you have an account. Well, anywhere they sell ebooks if you have an account. But amazon and goodreads are the big ones. Thank you so much!

barmybex said...

cool, no prob - will do :D