Monday 16 July 2012

Book Promotion - Gloom, Doldrums & Dregs


The Gloom (book 1): As a lazy summer evening comes to a close, Poppy finds herself out by the hollowed out tree in her backyard, avoiding the ire of her stepmother for an incident that occurred while Poppy was babysitting her little sister.    All her life Poppy has had questions about her real mother, who disappeared when she was an infant. She gets an unexpected answer when an ill-tempered pixie captures her and takes her through the tree and into Winsome, a magical kingdom that is suffering from a powerful and evil force known as the Gloom.

The Doldrums: Over the past year Poppy has made many trips back into Winsome, catching up with the friends she’s made. On the anniversary of her first visit to the kingdom, a gala is cut short when Augusta’s aide, Benny, is found gruesomely injured, and Poppy’s friend, Annie, has been abducted and taken into the mysterious goblin caves known as the Doldrums. Poppy decides that she must travel into the elaborate mountainside maze to rescue her friend and halt the efforts of an old adversary.


The Dregs: Since her first adventure into Winsome, Poppy has encountered magic and power greater than she had ever imagined. But, what will happen when evil finds its way into the human world? In this exciting final installment of The Gloom Trilogy, Poppy finds herself in the Dregs, a run-down industrial park with danger lurking around every corner. Somewhere hidden in this wasteland of factories and warehouses is an old foe of Winsome, who has eluded her twice before. Here, Poppy must put an end to this terrible force for once and for all, before both Winsome and the human world fall victim to her enemy’s dreadful magic.

Author Bio: 
Piper Lee Kelley was born in a small suburb of one of America's largest cities.  Although the beach was a mere block from her home, she still harbors a general distaste for sand and ocean water.  Since her father hated to drive, her explorations in the city were relegated to walking, usually barefoot.  Growing up without television or even a phone, Piper relied on her creative mind to conjure elaborate fantasies, which propel her work to this day.

She moved away from the beach around the age of 25.  She misses it terribly, but the loss came with the gain of a wonderful family of her own.  Piper has been with her husband for 10 years and, along with two wonderful children and two obnoxious cats, she now spends her time in the suburbs of a much smaller city.  Her cats spend their time cuddling up with her laptop.

In Piper’s debut novels, she explores the nature of family, love, forgiveness, and bravery.

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