Sunday 9 September 2012

Book Review - Z.Apocalypse

Title: Z.Apocalypse
Author: Steve Cole
Series: Z.Rex (book 3)
Publisher: Red Fox
Release Date: 2 Aug 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1862307797

It's the end of the world as we know it . . .

The stakes are higher than ever for Adam Adler, and he will be put to the test in a way he never imagined. Taken by a flying reptile with wings as big as a bus to the farthest reaches of Siberia, Adam once again finds himself at the center of a plot to take down the evil organization Geneflow, who plan to create an apocalypse, ending life on earth as we know it, in order to create a world of hyper-evolved beings. Adam will have to join forces with a deadly pterosaur named Keera, and with the help of his old friend Zed, they'll need to risk everything to stop Geneflow once and for all and restore order to the world.

My Review
I got this as a birthday present to complete the trilogy and after finishing book 2 I was excited to get stuck into this one.
Adam may have made it off Raptor Island, but it's not over. Geneflow is still going strong and they seem to be stepping up their attack. Now there are pterosaur's - similar to pterodactyls, beast that can fly and swim bring a whole new danger to the world and Geneflow are meddling with human genetics too. Is the world going to end? Will there be any survivors? This book is an exciting conclusion to the series and I couldn't put it down.
Adam and his dad are being dragged into things again, they are required to help bring down Geneflow once and for all, but it's never that simple. They get seperated and mixed up with the dinosaurs all over again. There are some new characters, Eve and her daughter Zoe who work with brain-patterns in animals and are trying to communicate with a captured pterosaur - Keera. I liked Zoe as a character she had a quick wit and sense of humour and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. A match for Adam at times too. 
I was so glad Zed made a re-appearance in this book, I'd missed him since book 1 and wanted to see him kick some scientist butt again, and I wasn't disappointed. Keera as the new addition was great, For a lot of it I wasn't sure whether to trust her or not, but as she fights the control systems in her head you really see her evolve (hehe) and grow as a character and although she doesn't technically speak or anything you do feel like you know her, and start to hope she gets the freedom she wants.
The plot is once again fast paced and action packed, enough to keeo you hooked to the book and turning the pages furiously. 
The only thing I would say is that Steve Cole clearly doesn't like Adam much - the poor boy spends a lot of time in these books getting knocked unconscious or attacked by Dinosaurs or in some sort of dangerous situation. It certainly makes the book exciting, and I love how Adam refuses to give up but I felt sorry for him.
This is a great series and fans of Jurassic Park or anything Dinosaur related would love it. Heck, if you just like a great action packed story you'd love it!

My Rating

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