Friday 21 September 2012

FF (88)

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This week's question feature is
Amelia @ The Aurthoress

Q: What hyped up book do you think was worth all the talk?

My Answer: I have quite a few - Hunger Games of course, Harry Potter, then some others like Divergent (Veronica Roth), The Selection (Keira Cass), Slated (Teri Terry). All fabulous! 

Happy Hopping & Blogging. :D



Arianne said...

I agree with the Hunger Games. I have a feeling every blogger who participate in this meme this week will have that in their answer.

Angela's Anxious Life said...

Love love Divergent!!!


barmybex said...

Arianne - I think you're right there!

Angie - I know, I've got Insurgent to start reading and I'm so excited. :D

Katja Weinert said...

Agreed,and The Selection I've not read yet but it's sitting on my shelf waiting patiently for me to get through eight more review books :)
Katja @ YA's the Word

Special Needs Mom said...

Great picks.

New GFC follower

My F&F -

BLHmistress said...

I really need to read Hunger Games


barmybex said...

Katja - The Selection was soooo good! Way better than I ever could have thought. Loved it!

Thanks Book Blogger Mom!

BLHmistress - you really do! Can't believe you haven't read it yet. :D

Heather said...

LOL, I had a hard time not picking one as well, but I managed it in the end... even though there are tons of stories I really was itching to add!

I love your choices though!

Old follower

barmybex said...

Heather - it was hard, your choice is the obvious and the ultimate answer really, glad I included it too!

Thanks for visiting. :D